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Review of the Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette

“Hey! What’s up you guys!”

I’ve been watching Shane Dawson on YouTube since the beginning: Shannanay, food and DIY Videos, Shane Dawson TV, and so many more classics. I’ve seen Shane grow up and become the guy he is today (Yaassss), and when he announced a second series with Jeffree Star earlier this year, I think all of us freaked out… 

Several months went by and the series trailer was FINALLY released on Shane’s channel. Personally, it was exciting to see the beauty industry from behind the lens. Not only that, but getting to see Shane build a collection that embodies him, his channel, and his past was impressive. I did not think I’d buy the palette as the series went on until they shared the release date and I knew that after almost 7 years of watching Shane’s videos, I had to have it. 

So, launch day is here and I was sitting on my laptop waiting for the time to change to 1 PM. Almost immediately, the website crashed (no surprise there). After continually refreshing the page, trying the Morphe website and also using my phone, I was put in a queue. After about an hour and a half of refreshing, I was fortunate enough to get the item I was hoping for: The Conspiracy Palette.


One week later, a bright pink box arrived at my door and it honestly felt surreal. A spiral box with a gold “Conspiracy” came with Jeffree Star tape and packaging and Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star tissue paper. I couldn’t believe I was holding the palette that Shane and Jeffree put eight months of work into. But here we are, four weeks after the launch. 

So, the palette. Does it hold up to all the hype? YES, yes it does.

The color story is interesting but makes sense after following the YouTube series. The top row of colors contains plenty of neutral tones perfect for a daily look or as Jeffree said, “a wedding look.” The middle row holds the boldest colors from pink to yellow to orange to red for those moments you want your eyes to really pop. And finally, the bottom row contains darker colors, perfect for a smokey eye look. Matte and metallic eyeshadows are spread throughout the entire palette. After using the palette a few times now, I have used Tanacon, Diet Root Beer, and Not A Fact the most often. There is some fallout, although not overbearing. I have swatched every color and can say that the pigment is consistent across the board and each shadow really is stunning. 


Overall, after months of waiting for the series and then waiting a month for the palette, I can personally say that it really holds up to the expectations. Shane envisioned himself in a palette and hit the nail on the head, partnering with Jeffree to make a collection of really good quality that captures something a lot of Shane’s fans have waited for.

Alexa Cooke

Lafayette '21

Lafayette College '21 NCAA Women's Tennis
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