One Month Down (& Happy To Be Here)


I had been anticipating the college move-in experience since way before August, but the remote semester pushed that mixture of excitement and anxiety until February. And quite honestly, I didn’t truly feel like I was in college until I stepped on campus and realized that I actually am in this next phase of life. 


From talking to other first years since I’ve been here, it’s a relatable sentiment that going from Zoom University to real-life college has been quite a shock. Trying to recognize masked faces with those only being seen on a Zoom box or Instagram feed is a challenge no one ever imagined we’d have to deal with. However, there’s a different type of bond and cohesion felt among all students having to endure Covid and social distancing this semester. 


It’s extremely refreshing and relieving to finally be able to do work with classmates in person, explore campus and discover new places, and walk to dining halls with a new friend. A key piece of advice I’d give to any first-year student, especially those starting out remotely like us, would be to get involved with clubs right away. Of course, it’s still possible to join later or wait until you’re in person, but meeting people with similar interests and passions through clubs is an amazing way to get to know your school’s communities. Those club members quickly become familiar and friendly faces that make entering college and the transition a lot more comfortable. 


Admittedly, being home in the fall got a bit lonely — even being around family all the time — and one aspect of a roommate, whether you like them or not, is that you’ll always have company. Luckily, I was blessed with the most lovely roommate but even if that wasn’t the case, being comfortable in your own room is important, especially during Covid. I’ve found ways to do that by organizing my belongings to make them satisfying to me and making sure I'm keeping things relatively clean. However, carving out time to spend outside of your room is so important to keep your sanity and have a change of scenery when work can seem long and draining. 


While most people were off at college in the fall, studying from home certainly was not easy. As a first year, I felt behind in life and that I wasn’t truly experiencing college like I so badly wanted to. While it seems hard for everyone to process the events of the past year and accept all the experiences that could have happened at the end of high school and first semester of college, all we can do now is move forward. And for me at Lafayette, that future is looking pretty exciting. 


So, despite whatever this semester throws at us, I think most first-years can confidently say: we’re just happy to be here.

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