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November is Nostalgic: Movies and Music

For me, November has always been very nostalgic. The month starts out and it’s my birthday and I’m naturally reminded of all the birthdays before. Then there is the leadup to thanksgiving break where I remember thanksgivings of the past and anxiously await the new memories I will make. Recently my family has started a tradition of driving up to Vermont for thanksgiving. I love the memories made any time I’m with my family, but I never really loved thanksgiving until we started going to Vermont. The air and atmosphere there is just so much more fall than New Jersey ever could be and I hold that dearly to my heart. I previously thought Vermont could only be beautiful in the winter but I’m not sure its beauty ever ceases. It’s that quintessential New England feel to it that I personally am very drawn  to. Now not everyone may be as inclined or able to go to Vermont for Thanksgiving but there are some forms of media that I believe to have captured that similar feeling. Below I’ve listed said forms of media that always give me that November nostalgia. 


  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 
  2. Fantastic Mr Fox 
  3. Free Birds
  4. Bonus: Will Ferrel and Ryan Reynolds new Christmas movie, Spirited!


  1. Mess by Noah Kahan
  2. Jackie and Wilson by Hozier
  3. Chew on My Heart by James Bay

Be it through watching these movies or listening to these songs or reading a book (I’m partial to mystery in fall) it’s important to slow yourself down as the leaves are changing and appreciate the little things like the sound of said leaves crunching under your feet. We’re in the swing of fall, don’t let it pass you by! 

McKenna Graf

Lafayette '26

McKenna is at Lafayette College studying English and FAMS. She spends her free time reading or rambling about her favorite movies/tv shows. Her favorite feeling is sitting next to a fire reading a book after a long day of skiing. She loves to write articles about things she's experienced (and obviously adding fun anecdotes about her family) and she hopes you enjoy reading.