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Unfortunately, Lafayette College, like some other colleges, decided to change the semester to remote learning. Some colleges are deciding to resume classes on campus, but due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, schools might have to shut down mid-semester. So even if you are back on campus at your college, I recommend reading this! Most students who attend Lafayette are now taking our classes on Zoom at home. I will be talking about some of the ways I deal with taking classes online at home.

  Dealing with siblings


The first problem I encountered while starting classes is dealing with my siblings and their annoying antics. I love them, but not when they start screaming while I am answering a question in class. Now, I make sure to charge my earbuds and headphones before classes. I set a reminder on my phone an hour before my classes so I don’t forget. Earbuds/headphones are a lifesaver when dealing with a noisy house.


The next problem I had to deal with is my friends leaving for their colleges. Not only am I missing my college friends, but now my friends from home are not going to be around for the semester. I try to FaceTime my friends from Lafayette and my friends from home as much as I can. Some of my friends have Zoom sessions that we all join and watch movies/shows and talk. These are really helpful. Set a schedule with your different friends groups so you make time for everyone!


One of the best ways to be successful in your classes and ace your exams is to have a set workspace. Last semester when classes went online I would join Zoom sessions from my bed or at my desk in my room. Now I only allow myself to work at my desk because it makes me feel like I’m in class. Any way to create normalcy helps in situations that are not normal.


At first I wore t-shirts and comfy shorts every day. However, I am someone who likes to pick out cute outfits for at least half of the week. Now I found that it feels a lot better and more normal to wear cute outfits some days of the week and comfy clothes the other days. Getting dressed into nice clothes makes me feel good and work harder. Even though I am not going anywhere most days, it helps me feel like I am actually in class. 


I have been dealing with a lot of stress already and I only just finished my second week of classes. I take 20-30 minutes out of almost every day to go on a run or to do yoga. If I don’t have that much time, I listen to a guided meditation on Spotify for 10 minutes.

Though my current situation is not what I expected for this semester, I have learned what works for me. Creating normalcy during unprecedented times is the key to success.

Callie Walder

Lafayette '22

Lafayette '22
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