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We’re in the middle of winter, and some days it seems like the bitter cold will never end. It’s important to find fun activities to get us through the season. Here are some of my favorite winter activities here at Laf!


I love the snow, and I was super excited when it snowed a few weeks ago on campus. I got to bundle up, break out my sled (which I have affectionately named “Sled Sheeran”), and go sledding with my friends! This campus has many hills that we walk up and down every day, but we decided to sled down the hill behind Pardee. It was the perfect slope, and we had such a good time riding down and daring each other to go head-first. If you can bring a sled to campus, even a small disc sled like mine, I highly recommend an afternoon of sledding!

Hot Cocoa at Gilbert’s

Who doesn’t love Gilb’s? The vibes are truly iconic, and the music choice always puts me in a good mood. During these colder months, I love getting a hot chocolate packet with my salad or flatbread. My friends and I will enjoy our sweet drinks in one of the booths, or save them for a hangout later. Even something as simple as hot cocoa on a windy afternoon never fails to lift my spirits.

Movie Night

One of the perks of living in Watson Hall is being able to use the Watson classroom as a social space. There’s a big projector screen that’s perfect for movie viewing, and the room is large enough to fit your whole friend group. I love bringing snacks down to the classroom and having a fun movie night with my friends, as it brings something exciting to an otherwise cold and lonely winter night. Watching shows in your own dorm can be just as fun! Plop down on some beanbag chairs and blankets, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a marathon of your latest Netflix binge.

Warmer days certainly are ahead, but I am determined to find the fun in winter while it’s here, too. 

Emily Mastroly

Lafayette '25

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science & Engineering Studies at Lafayette College. She loves reading, being outside, and exploring Easton with friends!