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Now that it’s November and all of the leaves have changed color, I’ve been spending my free time curating the perfect fall playlists. Here are some of my favorite artists to listen to that fit the autumn vibe.

  1. Hozier

In my opinion, Hozier is the epitome of fall. So many of his songs are about appreciating the beauty of nature (even death). One of my favorite songs to listen to in the fall is “In a Week”, where he talks about decaying in the woods with his lover. Although this may sound a little gruesome, Hozier manages to sing about it beautifully. Some more of my favorite Hozier songs to listen to in the fall are “Like Real People Do”, “Would That I”, “Work Song”, and “Shrike”. He has also hinted about releasing a new album soon, so keep an eye out for that!

  1. Phoebe Bridgers

Whenever it’s a cold autumn day and I feel like listening to something more chill, one of the first artists I queue up is Phoebe Bridgers. Although many of her songs are a bit melancholy, they are all enchanting and I think they fit the autumn mood perfectly. Some of my favorite songs of hers to listen to are “Savior Complex”, “Scott Street”, “Motion Sickness”, “Georgia”, and “Moon Song”. 

  1. The Neighbourhood

When I think about the perfect fall song, I immediately think of “Sweater Weather”. Even though this song was released in 2013, I still listen to it religiously every time the weather starts to get cold. The Neighbourhood has lots of other perfect fall songs to choose from, like “Softcore”, “A Little Death”, “Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines”, and “Prey”.

  1. Cage the Elephant

If you are looking for a good alternative/indie artist to listen to this fall, Cage the Elephant is perfect. What I like about them is that they have a good mix of more upbeat rock songs and more chill songs for when you need to relax. My favorite songs that I’ll be playing this season are “Cigarette Daydreams”, “Trouble”, “Cold Cold Cold”, and “Come a Little Closer”.

  1. Mac DeMarco

Although I listened to a lot of Mac DeMarco this summer, I also think a lot of his songs are perfect for my autumn playlists. I love that most of his music is very chill, with a variety of songs ranging from cute love songs to sadder songs about being alone. No matter what mood you’re in, he has a song that describes it perfectly. Some songs of his that I love to listen to are “Chamber of Reflection”, “For the First Time”, “Moonlight on the River, “Watching Him Fade Away”, and “My Kind of Woman”.

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of autumn before it’s gone is to sit outside and listen to the perfect song. I hope that these suggestions will make their way onto some of your playlists this season!

Amelia Thomson

Lafayette '24

Freshman at Lafayette College :)