Must-Watch Foreign TV Shows for Netflix Bingers

Do you ever feel like the second you finish a television show you have run out of other things to watch? This happens to Netflix bingers all the time, but luckily for you, I have spent hours combing through all of Netflix’s selections to find the perfect shows for you to watch next. While searching through Netflix, I quickly realized that I had discredited all of the foreign shows available, and had limited myself to mainly watching American shows (besides Black Mirror of course)! So when I found I had nothing else to watch, I turned to foreign TV shows and I highly suggest you try them out too. These are my top five that you absolutely HAVE to watch (seriously, they are super good)!!!


  1. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

This German show is about a completely nerdy high schooler who gets dumped by the love of his life after she studies abroad for a year, and well, gets addicted to drugs. In order to win her back, this completely innocent kid starts an online drug ring and starts to sell drugs fast. It’s hilarious to watch the innocent, nerdy, Moritz transform throughout the show.


  1.  Can’t Cope Won’t Cope

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope is a quirky Irish show about two best friends who can’t seem to get out of college. They find themselves going back to their local college bar every night, even when they are twenty-five years old. Talk about yikes. While it’s extremely fun to watch Aisling and Danielle’s antics, this show is about something deeper. It tells the story of a real friendship, rather than a friendship where everything is always good and glorified. Even with both of their flaws, it is clear that Aisling and Danielle need each other in their lives.


  1. The Hookup Plan

The Hookup Plan is a French TV show about an almost thirty-year-old woman who just can’t seem to get over her ex, even several years later. She still lives in her dad’s house, works in a tiny job, and is super quirky. In order to boost her confidence and help her get out of her slump, her friends secretly hire her a male escort to take her on a few dates. Don’t worry, while it is super scary at first as she is unaware of this, it ends up working out anyway (remember this is a Netflix TV show after all)! 


  1. Chewing Gum

Ok, I am absolutely in love with this show. This British TV show follows a twenty-four-year-old who lives in the London projects with her super religious mother and crazy sister. It follows her journey of trying to simply understand the world, and she quickly realizes she knows close to nothing. While this show is very cringy and sometimes, it is also super funny and well done, so why not give it a chance?


  1. The Returned/ Les Revenants

I had to save the absolute best for last! If you know me, I will fight for American Horror Story. I think every season of AHS is beautifully done and it is pretty much t the best horror show of all time. Anyway, naturally after I finished AHS, I looked up “shows like AHS” on Netflix. That was the moment when I came across this French beauty. This show turned out to have such success that they even made an American remake of it, but trust me, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t watch the original French version! This show follows several people who come back from the dead and have no idea they had died. They try to return to normal life, but it is hard when everyone else has already moved on. While the show does not provide an overarching solution to every wacky thing that goes on, it is absolutely breathtaking to just appreciate it. While this show is two seasons, they only have one on Netflix. I loved this show so much that I bugged my computer trying to pirate the second season from dozens of websites (total bummer because I still haven’t gotten to watch it)!


While I was hesitant at first to start watching foreign shows, I have found that these shows are sometimes even better than American shows. If you find yourself stuck on what to watch next, get outside of your comfort zone and try one of these foreign shows instead!