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Mojo vs. Wawa: Settling the Debate

On College Hill, surrounding campus, my two absolute favorite spots to waste money are Mojo and Wawa. Mojo is a locally owned coffee shop, and Wawa is a regional convenience store chain. While both of these places hold a special place in my heart, if I have to pick one, Wawa is my favorite and here is why:

  1. The hours at Wawa are far superior. Mojo closes at 4:00 pm during the week. While I understand that they are mainly a breakfast and lunch spot, I get out of my last class at 4:00 most days. After being in the chemistry lab for 3 hours, I definitely need a coffee to stay awake and get my homework done. Even if I get out of class a few minutes early, I can never make it there on time. However, Wawa is open 24 hours a day so I can always count on getting my coffee there. Also, if I am ever in need of a late-night snack (which I often am) I know that Wawa will always be there for me.
  2. The coffee prices at Wawa are also better than Mojo. While Mojo coffee is better than Wawa coffee, coffee prices at Wawa  are way cheaper. Sometimes if I want a fancy latte drink, Mojo is worth the splurge, but for a plain hot coffee, I will always go with my $2 extra-large Wawa coffee. 
  3. Wawa also has way more variety in the food they offer. They have everything from chips, to ice cream, to breakfast burritos, to salads. I know that no matter what I am in the mood for, Wawa will have it. I love the food at Mojo too, but there are just far fewer options, since they are mainly a breakfast and light lunch location. 
  4. The free extra-large cup of ice water at Wawa is one of my favorite things in the world. The shape of the ice cubes is perfectly crushed, and the water is beautifully filtered. Even though I have a Brita filter, the dorm room tap water still does not taste great. At Mojo, you can only buy water bottles which bothers me, because my coffee always makes me feel dehydrated. 

If I had to choose only one place to go for the rest of my time here at Lafayette, it would hands down be Wawa. However, I will continue to also go to Mojo almost every day to get my iced red-eye and a gluten-free muffin. No matter which side of the debate you are on, everyone can agree that we are lucky to have both Wawa and Mojo on College Hill.

Hope Tracey

Lafayette '24

biochemistry major at lafayette :)
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