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Lafayette’s Residence Halls as Halloween Candies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

Halloween is creeping around the corner, and I’m back at it again with the unconventional comparisons! Despite me writing this, I don’t live in any of the residence halls on campus myself. I’m slumming it at home for the time being, but I have definitely explored some of them. There are pros and cons of all of them (with Ruef being the exception, only cons there), but overall living in one is an experience you won’t forget! Trick-or-treating might be outdated for most of us at this point in our lives, but we never forget how it feels to get dressed up and treated with candy, cookies, and the occasional toothbrush from your neighbor who happens to be an Orthodontist. 


There are much too many dorms to include a comparison of all of them, so I’ll only do a select few. I might not have the first-hand experience of the halls myself, but I consulted some friends and used my own knowledge of them to draft up this list of Lafayette’s residence halls as Halloween candies. 


Grossman – Smarties

Lafayette has some residence halls that also serve as intellectual spaces, and Grossman house happens to be one of them. It also houses international students. I don’t think I need to explain why they’re Smarties, right?


Ruef – Tootsie Rolls

If you genuinely enjoy Tootsie rolls, I’m so so sorry to disrespect, but…they are the candy equivalent of Ruef. If you know Ruef, it can be good for the people who live there and for the most part has a closely-knit community, but overall,  nobody loves Ruef and would choose it over one of it’s fancier counterparts (like South). Tootsie Rolls have their own cult-like following of people who choose them over other Halloween candies and will eat every Tootsie Roll, Dubble Bubble, and Tutti Frutti in their basket before they even touch a Mini Snickers. Both loving Ruef and Tootsie Rolls require an acquired taste.


Easton – Dubble Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble Gum is alright if you don’t get a ton of it or think too closely about the taste as you eat it. Easton hall is nice at first glance, but as you look closer and closer you start to see the flaws in it. It’s like Ruef’s bougie cousin. Tootsie Roll makes both of these candies, so it makes sense that they’re so similar…like Easton and Ruef.


South – Starbursts

Starbursts are the Beyonce of fruity Halloween candies, and South is the Beyonce of residence halls. After its fresh renovation, the building was equipped with a decked out basement with study space and leisure activities. It’s the perfect stop on the way from studying before you get to your room or a hangout spot post-spinning. Eating a Starburst after a long night of shoving various chocolate bars down your gullet is a refreshing stop on the way to…stuffing your face with more chocolate. 

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