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Lafayette Lehigh is the longest uninterrupted rivalry football game ever! Every year the week leading up to the game banner are hung all around lafayette attempting to use meme humour in order to insult Lehigh. First things first, it is COLD at the tailgates before, and during the game. If you do not feel your toes by the end of the game, you are not alone. This year Lafayette is so lucky that leopard print is back in style, and almost every high street store is repping the Lafayette Leopards. Forever 21, Zara, Topshop and many more stores are selling leopard print jeans, skirts, tops and other items.



  • Wear a coat (I would recommend a down coat, and hat and gloves if necessary)

  • Rock Lafayette spirit wear!! (Lafayette branded clothes, maroon colors and leopard prints!)

  • Bring pocket hand warmers


Things to Avoid:

  • Bare legs! Fisher Stadium is super windy and cold!

  • Nice shoes! It will get muddy on the quad and other areas of campus, so wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

  • Nice scarves/gloves can be easily lost before and at the game, soI would avoid bringing your favorite ones out.


This year we are super lucky that leopard print is in. Being in spirit has never been so trendy. I have found some good websites which you can get leopard print jeans, sweaters and even coats.


Clothes you can buy for the game:

Leopard print Jeans:



These jeans will show you leopard skin, while keeping you warm and in spirit on game day!

Leopard print Jackets:




Pick from one of these many styles to show your leopard pride and stay cozy in the chill weather.


Leopard print Sweaters:



Whatever you choose to wear, I hope you enjoy yourself at the game. This event will be one you remember after college so make the most of the game despite the cold weather. No matter how festive you choose to dress, it is about the experience of hackling the other team, screaming for someone to throw the ball and shivering in the cold together. ROLL PARDS!


Krystyna Keller

Lafayette '21

Creating things since '98 Campus Correspondent for HC Lafayette