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It’s Time for You to Make a Bullet Journal

Confession time: I am addicted to stationary. I fly through tiny notebooks, post it notes, to-do lists… and have a bad habit of spending way too much money on it all. I am no artist, and I have always been intimidated by the idea of pouring my soul into a journal. But one day, I decided it was time for me to make a bullet journal!


This recent planner/journal/to-do list masterpiece is all over Pinterest and Instagram. If you have never heard of it, it is essentially a journal in a bullet point format. Instead of long personal entries, bullet journals usually reflect goals, ideas, or inspirations you want to have written down. Some, I must admit, look more like art collections than journals. However, it is so simple to make your own that reflects your own unique personality! Here are some tips and tricks for starting your own bullet journal.


1. Find some supplies

I started with a brand new, plain, moleskine notebook. You can find a dotted notebook specifically designed for bullet journaling on Amazon, but, if you have a preference, any notebook would work. If you are a stationary lover, you probably already have your favorite brand of pens or felt-tip markers–my personal favorites are Pilot G2s!


2. Browse Pinterest for ideas

Pinterest is the perfect place to get some ideas for what you would like your bullet journal to look like. This is very helpful to familiarize yourself with different styles or concepts. Once you have a bunch of pins saved, you probably have a good idea of what you want to be in your journal. Now, you can make the first page of your journal, which is a list of all the pages you will put in it, also known as spreads or logs.

3. Find the Format for you

While many people use weekly or monthly logs to manage their schedules, others prefer to use their bullet journal as a space to reflect upon their lives. Try out different pages such as habit trackers, weekly spreads, or mood logs. I like to keep a few “collections” pages where I keep running lists of books I’ve read, restaurants I liked, and places I want to visit.


4. Make it Personal

Adding your own doodles, fun handwriting, or stickers is the perfect way to personalize your bullet journal! Even though your journal can be only for you, making it aesthetically pleasing can help you to feel more organized,  inspired, and motivated to use it! A little creativity goes a long way.

Creating your own bullet journal is a great way to consolidate all the little tasks and ideas you want to keep track of. Updating your bullet journal is also a great way to unwind and avoid your phone or another screen before bed. Before you know it, you will have a book full of your life. I promise, you’ll love flipping back through the pages and remembering your memories and achievements, big and small!



Katie MacNeil

Lafayette '22

Lover of skiing, dogs, and chocolate.
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