How To Spookify Your Dorm On A Budget!

It’s finally spooky season! And while midterms might be more terrifying than any scary movie, that doesn’t mean that Halloween isn’t worth celebrating. I mean, when else can you fill your dorm room with skulls, spiders, and bats galore without getting concerned looks from your RA? Here are some cheap and easy-to-use Halloween decorations to spice up your dorm room, and alternatives for how to make some of these options yourself.


1: This Cat Tapestry

Instantly give your dorm a ~spooky~ aesthetic with this purrfect cat tapestry! Instead of filling the room with little decorations, it might be more your style to make one staple change in your dorm. If so, this wall art is perfect for you. Amazon has other design options as well if you’re not so fond of cats. 


2: Pumpkins from the Easton Farmer’s Market


That’s right, folks! You can get miniature pumpkins and gourds, perfect for a window ledge, just down the hill, every Saturday morning from 9 AM- 1 PM. Paint these pumpkins with your friends on a cold October day, or leave them in all their natural glory! Just don’t forget to watch for when they go bad, usually eight to twelve weeks after purchase.


3. Bat Wall Decals

Dorm rooms are small as it is, which presents a unique challenge for decorating. Combat this issue with these adorable three-dimensional bat decals, which can be hung up on your wall, door, or even ceiling to create instant Halloween vibes. Just be sure that your taping method complies with your dorm’s regulations.

If you don’t want to purchase decals, grab some black construction paper from a craft store and DIY this adorable decor.


4. Pumpkin LED String Lights

Nothing says college dorm room like string lights, and nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. Put the two together, and what do you get? These college-chic pumpkin lights from Target set the mood-lighting just right for the horror of late study nights. 


5. Boo-tiful Candy Bowl

This candy bowl from Target is perfect for a desk or windowsill. Keep a dish of candy for friends—and yourself—in the spirit of the good old trick-or-treating days.


6. Spider Explosion

Using this kit from Amazon, create a terrifying tangle of spiderwebs that could rival even Aaragog’s home in Harry Potter. These webs can be suspended from lofted beds, wrapped around bed posts and desk chairs, and strung in every corner of your dorm. Anywhere you can imagine spider webs, you can make it happen. Don’t forget to save one of the fake spiders to scare a friend! (No promises if they’ll stay your friend, though…) 


You can also do this yourself with cotton balls. Tease them apart and use Command Hooks or tape to suspend spider webs where you wish. (Who needs 200 cotton balls when you only use them for nail polish remover, anyway?) 


I hope this article gave you a few ideas on how to decorate your dorm. It’s important to create an environment that brings you and your roommate(s) joy. If spiders and pumpkin lights make you happy, don’t be afraid to take the time to spookify your space! You don’t need to buy expensive decals or hand-painted leaves if that’s not in your budget. Just be creative and have fun with the decorating process. Happy Halloween!