How to Make the Most of Spring Concert

Saturday, May 4 is the infamous Spring Concert, and you better get ready Lafayette, because this year’s artists are straight fire. The lineup includes Lost Kings, an EDM duo, and Metro Boomin, a famous R&B/hip-hop producer both with numerous billboard hits. Lost Kings produce both original and remixed songs, while Metro Boomin has featured artists such as Future, Drake, Kanye, 21 Savage, the list goes on. Here are my best tips for how you can prepare to have the time of your life at Spring Concert 2019:


1. Listen to Metro Boomin and Lost Kings music on repeat!

Get pumped alone in your dorm with a group or just have your own karaoke session in the shower while listening to Metro Boomin and Lost Kings! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it so much more if you can sing/rap along to the lyrics during the concert. Metro Boomin’s most popular songs include “Bad and Boujee,” “Mask Off,” “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1,” and “Jumpman.” So good news: you are at least familiar with these songs, if they haven’t been ingrained in your brain already. Both artists have several bangers but my personal favorites are “Waves” produced by Metro Boomin and “When We Were Young” by Lost Kings. Plus, Lost Kings recently released their new album “Paper Crowns” so you have plenty of music to add to your playlist!


2. Plan your outfit

Bottom line, wear something with lighter material because there’s a big chance you’ll get sweaty from the gym and crowd. In terms of shoes, comfortable shoes are KEY with any outfit whether you go trendy or comfy. Also, avoid tight or restrictive clothing that’ll prevent you from dancing the night away! Above all, wear whatever makes you feel most confident and doesn’t have to be readjusted every ten minutes, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun!


3. Eat & stay hydrated!

Who knows how long the performances will last when the crowd is hyped? You won’t want to have a grumbling stomach while you’re trying to enjoy the music, so definitely eat before the doors open! And on the note of a sweaty gym, definitely, keep a water bottle with you and stay hydrated throughout the night to prevent overheating and exhaustion.


4. Remember your student ID and, if a friend is coming, that they bought a ticket ($25)

For current Lafayette students, remember tickets should be picked up at Marquis on May 4 between 4:30-7:00 pm! Another thing you won’t want to forget is your Lafayette student ID before showing up to Kirby. You can’t enter the venue without your ID and paying the $15 general admission fee! As broke college students, try to take advantage of all the free things you can!


5. Live in the moment & get ready for a good time!

Doors open at 7pm and the concert starts at 8pm, so be prepared! If you plan on going to the gym or a dining hall, I recommend going earlier in the day and getting ready for the concert before dinner so there’s no added stress! It’ll make life much easier if you plan your day to get work and other errands done, then you’ll be in no rush. If you’re a hardcore Metro Boomin or Lost Kings fan, I highly suggest waiting outside the doors before 7pm to make sure you get the best view of their performances!


Take a couple of videos for keepsake, but focus on living in the moment and making memories! Even if you’ve never heard of either artist, give it a shot because what’s the worst that can happen? It’s free! Maybe you’ll even discover a new song or bond with students in the bleachers next to you! Spring concert only comes once a year, make the most of it and enjoy one of the last few weekends before summer!