HerCampus Cutie Spotlight: Reeve Lanigan

The HerCampus Cutie for the week of March 17 is Reeve Lanigan, senior double majoring in Government and Law as well as Women and Gender Studies. Lanigan adds a great deal to the Lafayette Community, being a mentor writing associate, a member of the women’s swim team, and a senior interviewer. On top of all of this, she co-founded the organization PASA, Pards Against Sexual Assault, and is a member of its executive board.

Lanigan’s passion falls within her two majors, studying gender injustices and humans rights abuses. She states, “I’m very passionate about providing space for survivors to speak out while also looking more closely at options for improving institutional and legal systems to better address these issues.”

She ignited this passion in co-founding PASA, creating a platform that supports survivors of sexual misconduct and opening up discussion about issues surrounding the social culture at Lafayette. In the 4 years that the organization has existing, it has grown exponentially, having a group of 15 carefully selected peer educators working with her and her fellow cofounders. In using her passion to help create this organization, Lanigan has greatly impacted the safety and wellbeing of the Lafayette Community.

Beyond Lafayette, Lanigan’s goal to impact the world would be “to educate people on the importance of providing equity and inclusion for all through the power of listening and learning from each other.” She believes that we live in a world where people don’t listen to one another, and hopes that eventually, she can help individuals learn to take into account one another’s backgrounds before taking action.

In her time here at Lafayette, Lanigan has made a great impact on our community, and now she is off to conquer the world. She is still deciding between several 1 year masters programs abroad before heading to law school. We should all be proud to have Reeve on our campus, for she sure has done a lot to make it better place!