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Her Campus Cutie Profile: Meghan L

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

As I sit across from Meghan L, I am immediately struck by one thing: her airpods. I told her I was interviewing her for this article, yet she still put her airpods in. What’s going on? 

When you look at Meghan, you see only one thing. Long Island. I have simply never heard this girl talk about anything but Long Island. That’s a lie; she also talks about sailing. She is a self-proclaimed witch. I’m literally not sure, don’t ask any follow-ups. Her rings, sweatshirt, and leggings exude a vibe unable to be described by the American language. I’ve done my best to summarize it in this gif:



Meghan has a relaxed yet chaotic presence. Despite not caring about anything, she is, simply put, stressed. I think the best way to explain Meghan is to explain her room decor. She has pictures of various shapes and sizes haphazardly placed on her wall. There is no order. Among the pictures are various notes and cards that she has acquired throughout the years. Next to a picture of Bob Ross is an Obama playing card that she stole from one of her campers. Just strange.  


Oh here we go, she took her airpods out. Let the questions begin:

What do you want to do with your life?

“I want to one day become Twitter famous. Climate change is coming for us all, so I’m not really sure; irrelevant question. I would like to be John Mulaney’s best friend; I can do that in tandem with my studies and Twitter account. My lifelong goal is for someone to serenade me while holding my hand.”


Why are hot dogs important to you?

“There’s simply nothing in life like a good hot dog. I am a simple girl. I just want ketchup on a hot dog. Some days, if I feel like challenging life, I put mustard on my hot dog.” 


What’s one thing you hate?

“Restaurants that don’t put out bread. Even sushi restaurants should put out bread. If there is no bread basket at an Italian restaurant, they should be instantly shut down.”


Tell me about your Twitter. 

“Twitter died for about five years and I am single-handedly bringing it back. Twitter can finally tweet again. Whenever I have a thought, I tweet it. Whenever I have a funny thought, I especially tweet it. When I see a funny tweet, I screenshot it. Thank God I have my Twitter.”

Someone help this girl. 


Signing off for now,


Huge bagels and Soundcloud enthusiast.