Haters Step Back



Every year the Precision Step Team puts on one of the most exciting shows of the semester. Haters Step Back is a competition led by the Precision Step Team and brings quite the crowd each year.


If you have never seen the Step Team perform, you are surely missing out. The energy and “precision” they bring is truly unstoppable and always leaves the audience in awe.


This year’s show is the 11th annual Haters Step Back and will feature an artist’s theme. This means every performing team must come with artists in mind to honor. Rumor has it Precision’s themed artist is almost like royalty…


In past competitions, Precision opens the show with an upbeat dance and invites the other teams to perform. This year we will have two competitors and two performers. The reigning champions, Holy Cross’s team, will be back this year looking for another 1st place to bring all the way back to Worcester. They performed a killer boxer routine last year and left the crowd speechless with steps mid-air that are almost impossible to emulate. Who knows what they will have in store for us this year.


But, you cannot miss Precision’s finale performance in which they integrate acting, dances, and steps. A storyline is center to this performance and drives every dance and step. This is regarded as one of the best parts of the whole show as it brings out each member’s personality. With the script, the choreography kills and leaves audience members in awe.


Without giving too much away, it is certain that this year’s performance will hype up the entire gym and -- as always -- leave the audience wanting more.


This is not something you wanna miss. Kamine Gym, April 13th 7:30pm. Bring the hype.