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Harry Styles performing at Harry Styles: Love On Tour.
Original photo by Olivia Slater

Harry Styles Love on Tour: The Experience

When my friend told me that she was taking me to the Harry Styles concert with her second ticket, I couldn’t believe it. Back in July when this happened, October 3rd seemed so far away that I couldn’t fully process what it meant to be going.

I had been a Harry Styles fan since One Direction, of course, and re-fell in love with the Fine Line album. It definitely got me through a lot of the pandemic. As the concert date crept closer, Harry was on repeat in my headphones and I spent more and more time online looking for outfits.

On the day of the concert, my friend and I took a bus from Easton to Penn Station early in the morning. We spent the day walking around the city and going out to eat with our friends from NYU. It was a super fun day leading up to what would be one of the best nights ever.

We arrived at Madison Square Garden and waited in the well worth it long line to get Love on Tour merchandise: mine which I was happily representing the next day to classes. Then we went to find our seats and anxiously waited for Harry’s arrival.

The concert itself, as any Harry Styles fan, can assume, was incredible. He looked absolutely stunning in a full black suit with fringes on the sleeves, and no shirt underneath which showcased his tattoos. The way he worked the stage through each song was spectacular and the audience could just tell how much fun he was having. The dancing and adlibs and interactions with the fans and his band were so amazing to watch. I shamelessly sobbed during the Tow Ghosts/Falling mash-up as it is already an emotional song to me and it was performed beautifully, to no surprise. Kiwi, Treat People With Kindness, and Cherry were some other showstoppers that I can pinpoint (because I adored every second of it). My friend and I were either dancing, screaming, or crying the entire show. I cannot express my sadness when it was over and we were forced to leave his presence. 

However, the night didn’t end there! As we were quickly making it to the subway to catch our train home, we passed Sabrina Carpenter on the street simply hanging with some fans of hers. We squeezed our way in to get a picture with her and she was insanely friendly and genuine. It was so exciting to meet a celebrity on the street!

Overall, I could not have asked for a better night and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see one of my favorite artists of all time live in concert!
Listen to Harry Styles fine line album here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7xV2TzoaVc0ycW7fwBwAml?si=Nv4VcUkbSXqwOz0c3Tbv8g&dl_branch=1

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