Happy 1st Birthday

I’m slightly emotional thinking about this time last year when I was first preparing my application to bring a Her Campus chapter to Lafayette’s campus.


I distinctly remember sitting on my porch at home and struggling to articulate just why I wanted a chapter to come to my campus. I imagined what it might be like to run a magazine, have readership, lead a team. I worried that I would run it into the ground or no one would want to be involved or even read it.


This entire year exceeded anything I could have imagined.


Sitting in on my computer on a warm June day last year, completing an edit test and following up with an interview, I never quite had the confidence that people would jump on board with me quite as much as they did.


The activities fair where -- in which I blasted music to entice members  -- I sat nervous watching countless people waltz by and not give me a second glance. That moment was one of the many moments I thought I had failed. I sat, discouraged, with my huge poster board that I stayed up coloring, and waited patiently for anyone to seem excited to sign up to participate. I now know, it's not the amount of people that sign up, it's the commitment of the people that sign up. I owe so much of this first year’s success to the people that came to me that day, and the weeks following, and made me feel like I would not fail in getting this club off the ground.


In our first year, we have published countless articles, developed giveaways, hosted beauty events, and gained readership through out campus. All of these moments, although stressful and tedious at times, have worked to help me appreciate all the people that support me.


Thank you to my original support system for telling me I could do it and being there in the beginning.


Thank you to my newest executive team for really putting Her Campus on the map and perfecting the processes to carry it another year.


Thank you to my members who put up with me every meeting, brought creativity and always wrote their best work. You guys are the reason this club survived.


Looking back on this year, I am proud and truly grateful that these people and the rest of campus supported Her Campus like they did. I’ll admit, I’m a little nostalgic thinking about the course of this year, and that we have already worked out so many of our kinks. Yes, this is the toughest part of starting something new, but there was also something so exciting about the unknown endeavours I was about to embark on.


In the coming semester, it will be with a heavy heart that I will be beginning the process of passing on my baby to two very deserving girl gang members. I cannot wait to see where this club takes them and the future members, as I hope this magazine can continue bringing important news as well as light hearted articles to the Lafayette campus.