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If you’re like me, you’ve been stressing out over Halloween costumes for the past few weeks. The struggle of wanting something creative but also well-known, and something stylish but also fun. Well, you’re now in good hands because I have spent all of my free time scrolling through Tik Tok trying to find the perfect costumes for solo, duos, trios, and groups. So here are some of my favorites!

Sleepover at Sikowitz: If you were a big fan of Victorious as a kid, you must remember this iconic episode. You and your friends could dress up as the characters in this episode (my personal favorites being the police officer who loves Raisin Bran and the pregnant marathon runner).

Black and White Swan: I think if this was executed well it could be an amazing look—the headpieces and makeup are a must!

Jennifer’s Body: Who doesn’t want to look as hot as Megan Fox on Halloween? The great thing about this is that there are many costumes you could do from this movie such as her purple cheerleader look, her pool dress, her pink heart hoodie, or her bloody winter coat.

Cupid: I feel like I don’t see this one very often but it’s so cute! Just get yourself a red dress, heart headband, and some red wings and you’re good to go.

Daphne and Velma: This is just such a cute duo costume that you could also expand and do the whole Mystery Gang! 

Jester: Rather than going as a clown, be a jester! It’s a pretty uncommon costume and if you get the right head accessory and a matching black and red set, you’ll totally pull off this look.

Winx Club: I know fairies seem a bit basic, but if done correctly I think they’ve got a lot of potential. Winx Club is great since each person has a specific character they’re trying to look like rather than just your generic fairy.

Heathers: I’m obsessed with this look. It’s stylish and such a statement outfit for a trio, especially with those croquet mallets!

Meg (Hercules): One of my favorite female Disney characters. All you need is a purple dress, a high ponytail and a bunch of gold accessories and you’re set!

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn: I think an homage to old Hollywood is such a unique idea. For Marilyn, you could do her classic white dress, but personally, I’d go with her luxurious pink dress and gloves from Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. As for Audrey, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the obvious choice.

Timmy Turner and Fairly OddParents: A funny trio idea that gives two of your friends excuses to wear fun wigs!

SpongeBob Gang: Another idea that could work for duos (SpongeBob and Patrick), trios (Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward), or a whole group!

Little Mermaid and Ursula: I think hero and villain duo costumes are so good, specifically Disney-themed ones since I don’t see those as often.

I hope these were helpful and I can’t wait to see what other ideas people come up with this Halloween!

Jackie Vargas

Lafayette '24

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