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On Tik Tok, I have consistently seen videos on my FYP posted by @benntheredonethat (aka Allie Bennett). If you are ever having a lack of gym motivation, watch a few of her videos and you’ll be ready to go strut on the treadmill for a solid 30 minutes while jamming to your favorite songs. Each playlist that Allie has curated comes with a recommended treadmill speed to optimize your strutting.

Allie’s “strut like you mean it” playlist makes your 3.0-3.9 speed treadmill workout fly by:


If you’re in a holiday mood, Allie has got you covered for that as well!


If you want to move a little faster there is also a 4.0-4.9 ideal speed playlist:


It is important to stay active, especially during finals season. If you need a little motivation watch some of Allie’s Tik Toks and then go vibe on the treadmill for a bit while listening to some beautifully compiled playlists.

Layla Ennis

Lafayette '23

Junior at Lafayette College