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Fits of Lafayette: Will your Fit Get Spotted?

It is no surprise that Lafayette students have a good taste in fashion. With autumn breezes coming in, and cooler temperatures making everyone pull out their comfiest pieces, the styles on campus are becoming quite apparent and appealing. Those involved in Lafayette Fashion Society have particularly been keeping an eye on this vibrancy and comfortability in how other students are dressing and wanted to capture that by creating a new Instagram account @fitsoflafayette.

The account has already garnered nearly 200 followers, and even attention from brands like 2nd Base Vintage and a notice from Wawa on National Coffee Day. There are a few “fits” that have been posted already to the page, including vibrant eighties tones and patterns, and neutral tones and clothing items. It’s in its infancy stages of being known on campus, but those within Lafayette Fashion Society, particularly President Alexandra Borik and Paulina Arguello who spearheaded the idea, are working to make it something really fun and exciting for people to engage with.

“The Instagram started as a simple way to document the cool outfits we see on campus. It’s been a really fun way to go up to people and compliment their outfits while also capturing their style! I hope the account continues to grow, and it’ll be interesting to go back and see how trends and styles evolve over time,” Paulina said.

The acknowledgment of other people’s sense of style on this fun account, and through casual interactions, is a wonderful way that the community here on campus is bridging closer and expanding creatively. It’s intended to be fun and engaging for the people getting stopped around campus, as well as the people behind the scenes making the account flourish and be known.

“I think @fitsoflafayette was our idea to showcase what our peers are actually wearing day to day and how they represent themselves on campus. I see the account as a way to spread positivity, because as simple as it is, getting told you have on a great outfit is a mood booster for me any day. I see the account becoming more active and creative in its mode of posting, one idea being used is the Instagram Reel feature to showcase outfits in short clips,” Alexandra said about it.

So, be sure to give the account a follow on Instagram if you want to see what outfits are getting featured, and what your peers are wearing. Now you know if you are asked to randomly pose for a picture on campus by one of the creative minds behind this account, your fit has been spotted!

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