The Early 2000s Trend I Miss the Most


Believe it or not, we are entering a new century in January. With the startling realization that I am entering my 20s and the new release of Disney+ and a new Motorolla Razr, I have been nostalgic for some of my favorite childhood trends lately. Out of all of the iconic trends, here are the early 2000s trends I miss the most:


  1. Webkinz- The online world that taught us to take care of our pets by feeding them, taking them to Dr. Quack, and buying new clothes for them. Not to mention Webkinz had the best games from Cash Cow to Wheel of Wow (Life hack: you can still play them with a subscription today!). 

  1. Scholastic book fair- If your elementary school didn’t have this, I’m sorry but you really missed out. Each fall, my school library was filled with an explosion of books. Plus, the scented erasers, glow-in-the-dark highlighters, and posters were equally exciting.


  1. Pencil grips- When we had to start writing longer stories in 2nd and 3rd grade, pencil grips were all the rage. These gel sculpted grips slid over your boring Ticonderoga pencil and came in every color and even glitter styles. I wish I still had some to ease my hand cramps from taking notes from professors flying through Powerpoints in college today. 


  1. DCOMs- Disney Channel Original Movies were the best! Some of my favorites were Minutemen, the Ultimate Christmas Present, Lemonade Mouth, and of course, High School Musical. I think I have to get Disney + soon to relive these magical movies.


  1. Nike Shox- These were the shoes every 2000s kid begged their parents for. I remember how excited I was to get my first pair on sale at the Nike outlet. I recently saw someone wearing these, and I wouldn’t be mad if they make a comeback.


  1. iPod Nano- Before the smartphone age, the go-to gadget was the iPod. My hot pink iPod Nano changed my life. My first iPod playlist was so great, I now have a Spotify playlist to recreate it. Not to mention the games- specifically Vortex- could entertain me for hours.


  1. Extreme Makeover Home Edition- This is one of the first non-kids shows I remember watching. I loved watching the teams give kids their dream rooms complete with slides and trampolines. Chanting “Move that Bus!” and watching a family cry over seeing their new house were the best parts.


  1. Mr. Sketch Markers- Sorry Crayola and Expo, Mr. Sketch wins in most memorable markers. My scented Mr. Sketch Markers were the best for making birthday cards, coloring, or studying for spelling tests. If I had a new pack of these and a big paper easel, maybe I could ace my next midterm exam.


Hopefully, these images took you for a trip down memory lane. That confidence you had jamming out to your iPod nano back in 2008 is the energy we all should be bringing into the New Year. As much as we are nostalgic for our childhood memories, it’s time to embrace a new era and all the cool trends it will bring!