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It is mid-November and the sky is getting dark at 5:00. Thanksgiving break is soon and you miss your family and your dogs.  If you’re anything like me, sometimes you wonder what you can do to be happy if it looks like the middle of the night for half of the day. Fortunately, there are loads of ways to help improve your mood! You can eat healthier or go to the gym, or you can try my method of looking at cute animals on Instagram. Here are the best accounts to follow to get your daily dose of cuteness!



With videos of corgis, @corgialert is winning in the cuteness category. This account posts regularly and boasts 27.7k followers. Alternatively,  @corgi_nation and @mapleandmortycorgi are also where I get my corgi fix for the day.



Coconut is a white Samoyed who loves adventure and singing along to her favorite squeaky toy! With multiple throwbacks to the days when she was a puppy and her daily life, this account is a must-follow for anyone who adores big dogs who look like clouds.



This account posts soothing videos of guitar, with Maple (@Maple.The.Pup) featuring in most of the videos! A great way to relax is to just sit back and scroll.



If you follow Humans of New York, then you might already be familiar with TheDogist. If not, then here’s your introduction! The owner of this account walks the streets of New York City and photographs different dogs that he meets. 10/10 for cuteness



With dog and puppy video posts, puppystagrams deserves its 1.6 million followers! All breeds of dogs from all ages are showcased and deserve all of the attention!



Cindy is a foster mom in Seattle who takes in pregnant cats and helps raise litters until they are able to be sent to loving forever families. She posts multiple times a day about the lives of the cats who are currently under her care. My all time favorite account. 2000/10 recommend.  



Pumpkin is a rescues raccoon who is enjoying life in the Bahamas right now. Follow along with 1.5 million others (including me) for adorable cuteness. The account also features fellow dog friends Toffee and Oreo.



A wonderful account that features Juniper the fox in various photos and videos. Watch as she jumps on the bed, plays with her furry (and scaly!) siblings, and goes on walks.


After scrolling through this post, I hope you have found some new accounts to follow! This list is not a definitive list of all the amazing Instagram accounts dedicated to animals out there, but these are the ones that I have followed. Enjoy this dose of cuteness and keep positive! The end of the semester is almost here!


Emily Cotter

Lafayette '21

Emily is a junior at Lafayette College majoring in Chemical Engineering. She is a founding member of Her Campus Lafayette.
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