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Comfort Food Around Lafayette That Will Get You Through Finals Week

Finals week can be super stressful, but thankfully at Lafayette, there are options for everyone when it comes to grabbing some food while you study!

For breakfast…..

  1. Start off your day at Marquis with some sugary frosted flakes or a hot berry crepe! 

  2. Grab a breakfast sandwich from Gilbert’s and pair it with savory hot chocolate, their egg white avocado with pepper jack, or try bacon, egg, and cheese from Mojos!

  3. Try a delicious bagel from Cosmic Cup! You can’t go wrong with a plain bagel with butter, or when I’m feeling fancy I’ll get the cinnamon raisin with cream cheese! The mix of sweet cinnamon and the savory spread is awesome!

  4. If you’re in a rush to get to a study session, grab a smoothie! Try the Nutella flavor at Mojo or visit our very own Rockwell for the chocolate-covered strawberry or the peanut butter-banana “Elvis” smoothie–that one is my favorite and it’ll fill you!

For lunch….

  1. If you want a quick healthy snack, try the vegetables and hummus or ranch cups at either Mojos or Skillman cafe! They usually come with any mixture of carrots, baby tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, and celery! Both of these places also have fruity or crunchy yogurt parfaits. I always accompany my textbooks with these cheap and healthy snacks while I’m studying. 

  2. Try the Upper taco, nacho, and burrito station when they have it, that’s one of my favorites! Or, along the same lines, get some chips and salsa from Lower if you’re craving a spicy snack!

  3. Grab a tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a coffee cake muffin while in Skillman cafe! These are great sidekicks to a coffee!

  4. Get quesadillas! Between Wawa and Lower, you have a plethora of choices depending on your mood. My favorite is the black bean burger quesadillas with guac from Lower. The mixture of beans, avocado, corn, and salsa is great when accompanied with some sour cream. 

  5. Get a panini or flatbread! Gilbert’s has several flatbread options, or try the pesto avocado tomato chicken panini. 

For dinner…

  1. Have some pasta! Head over to Campus for pasta with alla vodka sauce, or try one of the pasta meal plan boxes, which you can find in Skillman cafe, Rockwell, Lower. They usually come with meatballs and sausage.

  2. Get yourself some chicken! Simon has a chicken parm hoagie that people rage about, Wawa had various choices for a chicken bowl, Gilbert’s has an awesome buffalo chicken flatbread, and Lower has chicken tenders, which my boyfriend loves!

For a late-night snack…

  1. When you’ve just finished studying and Lower has already closed, you really only have one option: Wawa. Try the toasted bread with butter, mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup, or my absolute favorite: the mac and cheese. I could eat it every day–and trust me, I basically do.

For your sweet tooth…

  1. My favorite thing to grab in the morning before class is a fancy coffee. Try a latte from cosmic cup–I love the vanilla, and they add a cute design that I love to post artsy pictures of on my social media!

  2. I love doing homework in the afternoons at Mojo with a hot chocolate! They have a bunch of flavors too, I love the caramel! Their hot chocolate is super rich and creamy.

  3.  If you’re at Simon’s, try the Nutella flatbread! EVERYONE talks about it.

  4. Wawa has a whole variety of options when you want something sweet. Besides having every type of candy you could dream of, they have tons of flavors of milkshakes, Slurpees, smoothies, Freals, and flurricanes to choose from! My go-to’s are always the cookies and cream milkshake or a Reece’s Freal when I feel like rewarding myself after an intense study session.

  5. Lastly, create your own foodie fun by buying cookie dough at Lower! Not only will it be yummy, but baking can be really relaxing during this difficult week!


I hope you find some comfort in the food options you have here at Lafayette! Good luck with studying!

known to be caught eating quesadillas twice a day and having ice cream sandwich cravings :)
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