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Clothing Stores I Love at the Moment

I love online shopping as much as the next girl, if not more. Truthfully, nothing makes me happier than browsing websites filling up my shopping cart with thousands of dollars worth of clothing and having no intention of spending so much money in one place. Sometimes, though, irresistible online sales coupled with a tendency to impulse shop combine and I cave in. Here’s where I spend my money:

  1. For fun and unique pieces: Urban Outfitters

    I like Urban Outfitters because they have colorful, bright and patterned tops, bottoms and dresses in unique styles as well as softer, cozy basic tank tops and shirts. That being said, Urban tends to be on the pricey end. I would recommend browsing their sale section online (any UO sale section in store is an organizational nightmare) to find cool clothes at a more reasonable price. 

    My picks: this delicate and cute lilac tank top and these fun pink corduroy pants

  1. For dresses: Princess Polly

Any time I need to buy a dress, I run to the Princess Polly website. Considering they have what seems like a million different kinds of dresses in varying colors and styles, I always find several cute ones at a pretty reasonable price. There are always 20% off discount codes from brand ambassadors or their 25% student discount to use, and with fast shipping, I can always depend on Princess Polly to deliver the perfect dress for any event. They also have great going-out tops and adorable mini skirts for summer.

    My picks: this stunning red mini dress and this floral-patterned bustier for going out.

  1. For going out tops and basics: Garage

    I like Garage for its simplicity and ability to stay on trend: they sell great basic tees and tank tops, and solid going-out tops. The prices are fair for what they sell, and they have a huge sale-on-top-of-a-sale right now, so I would check them out online and in store!

    My picks: this gorgeous satin cowl neck top that can be dressed up or down (I just purchased this for myself!) and this casual but cute green ribbed cardigan.

  1. For trendy clothes and basics: ZARA

My list would not be complete without ZARA. I’ve loved this store since middle school and I’ve watched the brand’s designs only improve over the years. ZARA has essential closet pieces and an expansive denim collection (tip- size up!), among other great clothing selections.

My picks: these black cropped flare jeans (my favorite jeans, though they run super small) and this rich purple backless long sleeve

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