Childhood Celebrities: Where are they now?

Me (middle) with Miley Cyrus, circa 2009. My two friends are clearly thrilled about the JoBros comeback.


No doubt the recent release of the Jonas Brothers new song, “Sucker,” has us all a little nostalgic and wondering where the rest of all our favorite childhood celebrities are. Thankfully, most of them are still around and even planning comebacks! Keep reading if you want all the juicy details.


Miley Cyrus: We all remember the classic story of Miley. Hannah Montana gone crazy, then disappearing for a couple of years. She then made a comeback as a sweet southern girl and then disappeared for a while again. Just recently, however, we’re finding a Miley that’s in between the crazy and the non-existent. She released a song, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” with Mark Ronson in the Fall. Hopefully this means that she’s not stopping her music anytime soon! Miley also got married to her longtime beau, Liam Hemsworth and says she’s “ready to party” at the upcoming Woodstock 50 concert.

Jonas Brothers: Well, you probably know! We could not be more thrilled. The Jonas Brothers finally reunited after a long 5 year hiatus, and they have an album on the way! The reunion actually came about because the Jonas Brothers were filming a documentary about their life, and realized they miss doing what they do best, cute right!?


Aly and Aj: I’m sure when you read this name, you almost forgot about them. But just like the Jonas Brothers, Aly and AJ are making a comeback with a new single, “Church,” coming out Friday, March 29th. It’s like 2008 all over again!  

Dylan and Cole Sprouse: Dylan and Cole both graduated from NYU in 2015. We are all loving Cole Sprouse as Jughead in “Riverdale” and in the new movie “Five Feet Apart”. Where’s Dylan though?! Some sources had spotted Dylan working in a coffee shop serving lattes and at his brewery that he co-founded, “All Wise Meadery.” Fear not though, Dylan is still acting, he just prefers to take roles that are more aligned with his “artistic” view of the world. If you can’t get enough, check out the movies “Dismissed,” “Carte Blanche,” “Banana Split,” and even Camila Cabello’s music video, “Consequences” to see a little more of Dylan.


Selena Gomez: After taking a break from social media, Selena Gomez finally returned and also stated that she is in the studio right now and her new album is coming “very soon”. WE CANNOT TAKE THE WAIT!!


Drake Bell and Josh Peck: At the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Drake Bell announced that him and Josh Peck are working together on a project. Their project won’t be a reboot of our favorite show, Drake and Josh, but Drake Bell promises their idea will be “really cool and exciting”. Some sources even say Miranda Cosgrove will be involved. Hopefully we’ll see some hilarious Megan pranks again!


Thankfully, none of our favorite childhood celebrities have gone very far, and by the end of next year we will have seen a little bit of almost every single one of them.