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Campus Spotlight: Annie Krege and her New Etsy Shop

This semester, I am living with my talented and creative friend Annie Krege. Annie is a sophomore English and FAMs major who is opening her own Etsy shop next week! Here, I’m going to ask Annie about her shop, semester, and school involvement. 


Maggie: Hi Annie!! Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement at Lafayette.


Annie: Hi guys!! I’m a sophomore at Lafayette from Albany, NY, but Easton is my real home! On campus, I’m involved in the Lafayette Fashion Society, Marquis Players, Cadence A capella, and I do a lot with the Landis Center! 


M: That’s amazing, sounds like you’re keeping busy!! How have you been handling the online semester? 


A: Definitely not my favorite thing to be doing, but happy to be in an environment where I’m surrounded by friends and fellow students who understand the struggle of online learning. 


M: For sure!! I know you have also been busy building up your Etsy shop, tell us a little about that. 


A: Earth Friendly Fits is an Etsy shop that sells upcycled objects, most specifically clothing and apparel. I opened the shop to combine my love for fashion with my passion for sustainability in the fashion industry. 


M: So exciting! When will the shop be officially open?


A: The official launch of the shop will be October 3rd. I will be dropping around 30 items, but I will continue to add new products as I make them. 


M: I can’t wait to check everything out! What’s your favorite item you’ve made so far? 


A: I hand embroidered a top with a face and flowers surrounding it. It took a long time to make but I’m so happy with the results! 


M: Where can people learn more about your shop?


A: You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @EarthFriendlyFits. The Etsy website is EarthFriendlyFits.etsy.com.


M: Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to see all the items on October 3rd!! 


A: Thanks so much Maggie! Can’t wait for everyone to see everything I’ve been working on. 

Maggie Larsen

Lafayette '23

Econ major at Lafayette College
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