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Everyone needs a go-to study playlist for finals week. If you like chill music with no lyrics, a solid beat, and a nice relaxing tune, look no further! Either compile the songs below into your favorite music streaming platform or click this link to my Spotify playlist and give it a like! 



  • Walk but in a garden by LLusion

  • Ooh Baby by Mr. Jello

  • Something Nostalgic by insomnia

  • Valleys of Perspective by Sour

  • Someone by Prigida

  • French Pressed by Snazzy

  • Golden Hour by Vannorte, soave lofi

  • Aeki by Ngyn, nitsua

  • Feel Good TwoChills, Lyko, Elk

  • Moonlight by Lullaby, soave lofi,

  • Day in Paris LLusion

  • Felt Cute Might Delete by Mr Mantega, Chill Select

  • Cherry by Pantone

  • Suer Paradise by Antent, Oneheart, Chill Select

  • Cherish by IAN BENJI

  • Embrace by IAN BENJI

  • Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit

  • I leave again by Petit Biscuit, Shalou

  • From Above by Slacker Boy

  • Melting Away by John Luv, Slowmo Days

  • Stay With Me by Peaceful Melody, soave lofi

  • Sunset View by Hoffy Beats, Lenny Loops

  • Apricot by Matt Hylom

  • Take Your Hand by Tundra Beats

  • Mixed Emotions by Ayzic


Good luck with finals week, everyone! Happy studying :)

Caroline Ross

Lafayette '22

Marketing and Events Director for Lafayette College’s Her Campus chapter.
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