The Best Things about Going Home for Thanksgiving

After the stress of midterms and before you have the chance to worry about finals, Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to go home and take a little break from your college life. Whether you live near or far, going home can help you to relax before final season begins. Here are some of the best things to cherish while you are home!


Hugging your Mom


After being away for weeks, that first hug feels extra special. There is nothing better than a hug to make you feel loved. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to thank your family for all that they do to support you. Embrace your family traditions whether that is taking a walk, watching a movie, or cooking a family recipe!


Eating Your Grandma’s Award-Winning Pies


Although college dining services try their very best to make us happy everyday, their food will probably never compare to a home-cooked meal. When better to eat until your pants feel tight than Thanksgiving!? On a holiday centered around food, enjoy the variety you might not get to enjoy while at school.


Moments of Silence


It is certainly amazing to have your friends around you all the time while at school. However, we all need a little alone time. Take some time this break to be with yourself and your own thoughts, without being interrupted by the chaos and comradery that occurs in your college dorm.


Catching up with Your BFF


Thanksgiving break is probably your first chance to see friends from home you haven’t seen since summer. Be sure to check in with them and find a time to catch up! While we all make new friends in college, it is really nice to reconnect with old friends who have known you forever.


Returning to your High School Hangout Spots


At school, you probably find yourself missing your favorite hometown coffee shop or pizza joint from time to time. Meeting up at local hangout spots with your friends or family is the perfect way to reminisce on old times and satisfy your longing for a favorite treat.


Spending time at home over Thanksgiving is a great way to destress in the middle of a hectic semester. Alternatively, you may also miss your college friends and disciplined schedule. Have no fear though, Thanksgiving break is short enough that you will be back at school in no time!