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Beat Back to School Exhaustion Like a Pro

How did you spend your summer? Sleeping until 1 pm, chilling on the beach, maybe binging your favorite TV show. Most likely not waking up at 9 am with a full day of school work ahead of you. Getting back to a schedule and hours of schoolwork can be pretty difficult. Take some advice from a girl with chronic fatigue on how to handle back-to-school exhaustion like a pro. 

  1. The age old adage: DRINK YOUR WATER!! 

A potential cause for feeling a little drowsy could be that you’re simply dehydrated. Drink a glass of water and you’re sure to feel a bit peppier. 

  1. Nap 

It’s ok to take naps. If you have a bit of free time, it’s totally ok to rest your body and not power through. Do a quick 20-minute power nap, or if you have a lot of spare time let yourself sleep until you naturally wake up. 

  1. Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine is a savior. Coffee, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, whatever your little heart desires will help you push through a long night of studying. Not always the healthiest, but definitely a quick fix. 

  1. Find somewhere cold to hang out 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a dorm with AC, blast it. Go sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Stimulate your nervous system. Take some deep breaths and accept where you’re at today. You’re doing your best!

  1. Blast music

Turn up your favorite music in your headphones, preferably something upbeat, I’m a Nicki Minaj stan myself. Have a little dance party if you’re up to it (See number 6!!) 

  1. Get your blood pumping. 

This could be going to the gym for some cardio or a lift sesh, but it can also be as simple as going for a walk with a friend. Moving your body will wake it up and it is just healthy to make time for your physical health 

  1. Take breaks 

Be easy on yourself. College can be completely overwhelming, I know I have already cried from being overtired probably 4 times in the first week. Don’t be afraid to take a little time to do something that will make you happy and relaxed. Do a face mask, watch an episode of your favorite TV show, eat a snack and scroll through TikTok, whatever works for you!

Make this your best semester ever with these pieces of advice! I believe in you, give it a few weeks I promise it’ll get easier.

Avery Gillett

Lafayette '24

sophomore at Lafayette -- psych and IA major -- chocolate fiend ig: @avery.gillett
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