Based on your personality, this is where you should live next year

Hey first-years! I know housing may be one of the most stressful times of your first college year, and this month you get to endure it right alongside class scheduling. How exciting!


It is easy to worry where and who you are going to live with, but this guide should give you a simple way to pick the best housing option for you.


Before we begin, here’s an easy run down of the options as a Sophomore:


Lottery: You get a randomized number, by grade, that allows you to pick your dorm, room, and pull in roommates if you wish. Meaning you can pick from a single, double, triple, or quad, and pull in friends (or be pulled in) to live with you. You also get choice of residence hall, but remember, as a first year student, you will pick last so options may be more limited.


Block housing: Blocking allows you to live with or near your friends. You and your friends can gather 4-8 people to “block” off a part of a hallway or floor for you to all live near each other. This is a very popular option for sophomore students as it is an application and although it does not allow you to pick where you live, it will guarantee you all live close by. Be sure everyone in your block fills out the application correctly though as you will have to enter the lottery if not completed!


Suite Style: Suite-style living is typically in the Fishers and offers 4 person or 8 person suites complete with a kitchen and living area. You will have your own bathroom, which means you clean everything yourself, allowing for a more independent living option.


Speciality Houses: Lafayette Living-Learning Communities allow for students who are passionate about specific things to live together. Depending on the speciality, there are floors or houses to accommodate those students. These passions can range from dogs, music, engineering, cultural studies, religion, and anything else! Check out Lafayette’s Living Groups for a complete list.


Ok, now just follow the questions to help narrow it down:


1. Orange juice or coffee in the morning?


Orange juice: You’re more of an introvert, but need to be close to others. Lottery or specialty housing may be the route for you.

Coffee: You’re a social butterfly! Block housing or suite-style living will suit your

extroversion nicely.


2. Hike or TV marathon?


Hike: Being the outdoorsy person you are, your independence is key in living a

crunchier lifestyle. Want your own compost? Easy in suite style. Want to know others

that will join you on weekend adventures? Given with speciality houses.

TV marathon: Who doesn’t love a good “stay in bed all day” type of day? If you love

snuggling in bed on the weekends and catching up on your favorite soap opera, the

lottery or block housing may be the choice for you. You don’t have to clean anything

yourself and your room is your own to hunker down in!


3. Dog or cat person?

Dog: Well, I mean we have a DOG house, so if you love dogs, the speciality house that trains service dogs is the place for you! But, if you love dogs for the companionship, block housing is a great choice to always be surrounded by your best buds!

Cat: Lottery or suite style might be more private options for our home bodies out there! Just like cats, you can find alone time with these housing options.


4. Books or Movies?

Books: I’ll be honest, unless you consider the 100 year old TV in the common room,

typical lottery or block rooms don’t include a TV, so these are more book-friendly

environments for the avid reader.

Movies: Complete with a kitchen for popcorn-popping, speciality houses and suites

offer a great location for your perfect movie night!


5. Ocean or Lake?

Ocean: The calming of the ocean mimics that of living in a speciality house or lottery

housing. You can close your door for peace and serenity, or find others to help calm

your storm.

Lake: The amenities of a lake is what draws most people in. You can do many things

just as with block housing or suite style living. Surrounding yourself with friends

allows you to plan many activities with them and there’s always something to do!


Based on the above questions, this should give you a better idea of what kind of housing you want to live in next year, but think carefully about your needs and wants! (Also, be weary of who you live with as sharing space may be different than being best friends or It’s fun to live with friends, but it can also be stressful when things don’t necessarily mesh well.) No matter what, be honest and upfront about what you want your living experience to be and it will work out. Lafayette is a great community and there will always be people to surround yourself with!