The Astrology Account You NEED to Follow!

Ever ask someone their birthday within hours of meeting them just so you can Google your zodiac compatibility later? Just me? Whoops, guilty. Even if you believe the zodiac is a hoax, anyone with a sense of humor won’t be able to resist following this Instagram account. Two words, seventeen letters, the funniest astrology posts in history: @trashbagastrology. They spill all the tea about your zodiac sign by matching your best and worst traits to a meme or gif. Here’s a sneak-peak of the good, the bad, and the ugly about your sign:



The Good: You don’t take BS from anyone. You take charge in any group project, you’re a natural-born leader with a drive to achieve any goal.

The Bad: Yikes, you can’t trust anyone. Not even that story about your friend’s pet snake in 7th grade.

The Ugly: You can’t help but judge everyone all the time. If someone’s out of your life, they’re out of your life for good; no crawling back will be tolerated. You try to remain composed but you know you will snap on someone if they’ve lied to you. You know your worth.


Day School GIF


The Good: You’re always down for an adventure. Paintball, disco party, road trip, you name it. You’re may be an odd-ball with a unique taste, but that’s what attracts people to you.

The Bad: You go from engaging in a heated rant about any topic to staring blankly into the distance in 2.5 seconds. People never know what they’re gonna get from you.

The Ugly: You try to act like you’re “above” drama, but we know you love hearing every bit of juicy gossip. People appreciate your carefree attitude, yet it’s only due to the fact that you must be detached or else your emotions create a total drama queen.

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The Good: People catch you daydreaming in class on a regular basis. Your head is often up in the clouds, you have a big imagination with plenty of aspirations after all. You also tend to see the good in people quickly. We appreciate you too, Pisces.

The Bad: You cry, then laugh, then stress, then fall in love instantly. You get attached easily, which is good in some cases but could end badly in others. You’re a ball of emotions and feel all the feels during any sappy chick-flick.

The Ugly: Stop picking people apart bit by bit to figure out their weaknesses, everyone’s human. You’re one of the biggest hypocrite signs because you take everything personally when your pickiness is reciprocated right back.

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The Good: You’re known as the best lovers; your future partner should consider themselves very lucky. You prioritize quality over quantity in regards to your friendships.

The Bad: You don’t take people’s word for it, you have to see it to believe it. Actions speak louder than words in your world. Don’t even attempt to make excuses around this one because she will keep it 100% real and call you out.

The Ugly: You have absolutely zero patience and feel attacked by the slightest inconvenience. Advice to other signs: don’t be friends with this one if you’re a slow-paced person. And don’t push her buttons because she will go off on you.

after the final rose arie GIF by The Bachelor


The Good: You’re a simple gal with “simple” interests: luxury. You may take “treat yo self” a little too seriously. You have a work hard, play even harder mentality.

The Bad: You take at least two hours to convince to go out, and even when you do, you’re most likely to be the first to knock out on the couch. Sweetie, you’re lazy and you know it.

The Ugly: Come to terms with the fact that you'll do anything to get the last word in an argument. You’re considered most stubborn out of all the zodiac, your friends and family should forget all chances of negotiating toward an agreement.

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The Good: “I knew about ______ before it was cool” is your well-known phrase. You’re always two steps ahead, whether in a relationship or in terms of social trends, probably due to the fact that your mind runs a million miles a minute.

The Bad: Commitment is your worst nightmare, especially with those trust issues of yours. You crave change and try to avoid sticking to the same old routine. Someone’s a bore? A Gemini will cut you off quicker than a child jumps out of bed to find tooth fairy money.

The Ugly: Geminis get a bad rep for their “twin personalities”--they have one serious and one sociable. People often see them as two-faced with ulterior motives but you could say they just know how to get what they want in different settings.

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The Good: You’re one-of-a-kind and dependable. You’re an intuitive person and have a sense of how things will play out before any conflicts arise. Go flex on all your friends, you’re basically a psychic.

The Bad: You may get easily overwhelmed and don’t quite know how to ask for help. You expect people to know what you need and when you need it, but news flash--that is nearly impossible when no one knows anything’s wrong. Be vocal!

The Ugly: M-o-o-d-y is what you are, which may be your biggest flaw. Others can’t tell how you will act from one day to the next, and you’re known for holding a grudge until the day you die.

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The Good: You know how to talk up just about anybody, which is a skill that can take you far in life. You have a story for any occasion and your friends know you’re life of the party.

The Bad: You swear you’re Beyonce, but must we recall that Beyonce is actually a Virgo? (Can you tell I’m a Virgo?)

The Ugly: People view you as the most egotistical sign, yet they don’t understand that it stems from measuring your self-worth through the approval of others. Take down that wall of confidence for once.

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The Good: You’re the mother hen of your girl gang. “I told you so” is your go-to line after your advice turns out to be helpful.

The Bad: Your way or the highway. Perfectionism or nothing at all, because you have a deep desire to constantly fix anything and anyone. Your favorite past time is correcting people’s spelling and grammar mistakes.

The Ugly: You can’t help but overthink a situation (that wasn’t even a problem in the first place) to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Relaxation? Meditation? Don’t know her.

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The Good: You’re usually the most selfless and nonjudgmental friend a girl could have. You tend to be very supportive, and always willing to help others out.

The Bad: You’re the ultimate people pleaser to a fault. You can’t make a solid decision to save your life because you need to weigh every other opinion and option first.

The Ugly: You’re lowkey sneaky and fake toward others because you always have to be on both sides of a conflict. Sometimes you actually play both sides to hear about the drama. That’s the tea.

 good job priyanka chopra pca peoples choice awards peoples choice GIFScorpio

The Good: You may just be the most intimidating zodiac sign, probably as a result of your serious RBF. You’re a busy social bee and you always have a way out getting out information from your friends.

The Bad: It takes a lot of effort for you to open up to others--like getting out of bed when it’s snowing outside kind of effort.

The Ugly: You’re obsessive control freaks as much as you try to deny it. And when you fall in love, you fall hard, almost smothering the person. Caution to other signs: don’t do a Scorpio dirty because they will come back for revenge.

Related imageSagittarius

The Good: You’re an independent girl and you make it known that you can think and speak for yourself. You’re a great listener for the truth, and you help others weed out the toxic people from their life.

The Bad: You can be incredibly judgmental and way too blunt at times. Yes, Jessica asked for what you really thought about her boyfriend, but she didn’t ask for you to detail his every flaw.

The Ugly: Good luck giving any constructive criticism to this sign. There’s a 99% chance they will take it as a personal attack. Sagittarius, please stop taking every comment personally (sincerely all of us).


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