April Fools: Prank or Get Pranked

April Fools’ Day is right round the corner, and you know what that means, right? Time to prank your close friends or roommate! From one prankster to another, here are some simple but effective pranks that you can play on your friends


Sticky Note Art: When your roommate is gone from the room for at least an hour, grab all of the sticky notes you can possibly acquire, and start placing them on EVERYTHING on your roommate’s side of the room. If you want to get fancy, color coordinate your sticky notes to give the prank an aesthetic look. I can guarantee your roommate won’t be the happiest, but you will get a smile out of them and you will be cleaning it up in the end.


An Organized Nightmare: If your roommate loves organizing their room in such a way that everything has its place, maybe switching up the routine for a day won’t hurt right? Put their hanging shirts in the drawer where their pants are and hang the pants. Flip their bedsheets 180 degrees so that its facing the opposite direction. Put their office supplies where their makeup goes and vice versa. Have fun with this one and watch your roommate get confused.


Dressed to the Theme: Planning a night out with your friends? Organize what all of you will be wearing BUT make another group chat minus the friend you want to prank and organize what you are ACTUALLY going to wear. Watch your friend meet up with you all in the completely wrong outfit and see their reaction. Make this one funny, you can be really creative here!


Unexpected Dye Treatment: If you really want to get back at a friend for something, or just want to have a ton of fun, this prank is for you. Sneak your friends shower caddie from them when they are not around, and choose one of their shower products. Using food color dye, add a couple drops to one of the products, making sure it matches the color somewhat. Your friend will come out of the shower with colored skin or hair for the day. This prank is definitely on the more extreme scale, but boy is it a good one.


Who else is getting excited for April Fools Day just reading this?? Get ready, think ahead, get creative, and have some fun!!