Apps to Help You Get Through Quarantine

Quarantine and social distancing got you down? I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite apps to help you feel connected with friends even when you can’t be physically present with them:


  1. Houseparty 

Let’s face it, Houseparty is like the better version of Facetime. You can spontaneously go on and go into multiple different chat groups, be notified whenever your friends are on and you’re bored, plus there’s a bunch of games to play together! From “Chips and Guac” (similar to Apples to Apples) to doodles to Pictionary, you’ll be entertained for hours.


  1. Rave/Netflix Party Chrome Extension

Rave and the new Netflix Party Chrome Extension is the perfect way to watch Netflix with friends but virtually. You can still hear your friends and chat with them about all the latest pop culture tea while watching your new favorite movie or TV show. It’s like you never left college! Go to this link for more details on Netflix Party:


  1. Words With Friends

Words with friends is a classic, an old-reliable. It’ll help you brush up on your vocab game while you’re not at school, and plus, it’ll help you work out that thumb muscles now that you no longer have club volleyball practice. Plus, it’s friendly for both friends and family. 


  1. Triviacrack

Triviacrack is one of those apps that will bring out a competitive edge you never thought you had inside you. The difficulty levels range from easy to advanced, plus there’s a subject level for any time of person. From sports to science to entertainment, you’ll be prepared for the fall semester with a whole bunch of new fun facts.


  1. Draw Something

This one is just TOO fun not to get. Even if you’re not the biggest artist, *cough cough* (me), you’ll still enjoy making little doodles for your friends and family to win points. Instead of doodling in your physical classes when you should be taking lecture notes, now you have this to keep you busy! You’re welcome in advance.


Trust me, you’ll want to give these all a try. Stay safe and get downloading!