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As the new semester approaches, I thought I’d take some time to compile a list of useful apps to make the next few months successful, organized, and productive. Here are some I have found and absolutely loved!


1. My Study Life

I love this app, partially because it’s free, but also because it keeps me really organized and on top of my schedule. It features a calendar, a weekly schedule, and helps you track important tasks, exams, and events. 

2. Mint

We all know that it’s easy to spend money in college. That’s why the term “broke college student” is constantly flung around. That’s where Mint comes in handy! It’s a free app that you can link to your financial accounts in order to track your spending and it’s definitely useful.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is the best app ever invented. No question. I admire you if you have survived thus far without it. Quizlet lets you make flashcards in a quick way because they are electronic. You can also use other features to study like games and practice tests the app generates for you.

4. Flipboard

Because we’re all busy, we sometimes just forget about what’s going on in the world outside of campus. Flipboard is a great app that features the latest news and leading stories so you can stay updated on current events without having to go out of your way to find reliable information. It is incredibly easy to use and even allows you to organize your news into various categories such as “technology”, “fashion trends”, “psychology” and more so that you can catch up on all of your interests and not just the latest political events.

5. Mindly

When you’re brimming with ideas or inspiring moments, this app is definitely the way to go to brain dump. It allows you to organize whatever is going on in your head. You can create quick summaries, plan projects, and then bring your ideas to fruition!

6. Venmo

I wouldn’t be surprised if this app is already on your home screen right now. But I had it to include it on my list because it is such a handy app to have. You can link it to all of your accounts so that you can easily transfer money between yourself, your friends, and organizations, as well when you have dues to pay.

7. Evernote

For those who love to take electronic notes and always have them accessible in a Cloud, I highly recommend Evernote. It keeps you organized with its scheduling features, but it also lets you take notes for lectures, papers, etc. You can also use it on your laptop so that it links to your phone and you can pull your notes up whenever you want to, without having your laptop on you! You can also organize varying notes into different folders to compile them all together.


These are just some apps I’ve discovered recently that have been really helpful. Here’s to a productive, organized, and successful semester! :)

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