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Alternative Ideas for Spring Break

Don’t have the time or money to take a luxurious vacation over Spring Break this year? This can’t stop you from having fun! Here are some ideas for a fun break that are fun but won’t break your bank.


1) A mini trip to a nearby city

A great way to take a less expensive, shorter, still fun trip is to visit a city for a day or two. With countless places to venture in cities, you are sure to stay entertained. Some easy options for the large portion of students at Lafayette who live in the northeast are New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. But wherever you live, there’s sure to be a city by and easily make for some SB entertainment!



2) Go to a concert


Going to a concert is another great idea for break. Whether going to a huge tour or checking out a local artist’s show, you will feel enchanted by the lively vibes of concerts. Some artists touring on the east coast during our spring break include Travis Scott (Astroworld Tour) and Ariana Grande (Sweetener World Tour). Ticket prices often go down right before a show, so be sure to look out for last ticket deals!



3) Spring Wardrobe Shopping

With warmer weather (hopefully) coming to campus soon after spring break, stocking up on the latest spring clothing trends is a must. Hit up your favorite stores while you’re home to shop in-person and give yourself some “me time” while you can! You can also take time to simply browse for clothing online. I personally enjoy using the app Dote that allows you to like clothing items to save them and receive points for shopping at your favorite stores. No matter how you prefer to shop, spring break is a great time to pack away most of your winter sweaters and bring some lighter clothing back to school.

4) Relax and Refresh

The chaos and busyness of college life may not provide the time to simply relax and self-care as you would like. If you are at home, take the time to relax and unwind. Go for a spa trip, take a yoga class, or try out DIY face masks. All of these are great ways to care for yourself and reset over break. Simply catching up on sleep will also help you feel refreshed for the second half of the semester. Also, you can take this time to binge a new show on Netflix or Hulu, or catch up on episodes you’ve missed of your favorite shows. If you’re lucky and live near a beach that will be warm over break, spending a day there can provide some much-needed Vitamin D.

5) Quality catch-up time with your hometown friends

There is only so much time where we’re off of school and have the opportunity to hang out with high school friends again. From summer traveling to internships and jobs, spring break can serve as an alternative time to stay connected with your home friends! If you know a friend who will be home for break at the same time, you can catch up over something as simple as chatting at your favorite local coffee shop or following one of the previous ideas, like taking a mini-getaway, together. Or, on a weekend, you can take a trip to a college where some friends go to visit them while they’re in school.


Even if you aren’t taking an island vacation this break, still make the most of your time! Be sure to try these ideas if you feel bored over break. With all the different possibilities, you can definitely find ways to feel as if you are not wasting this limited time off.


Anna Kurkjy

Lafayette '22

Chemical Engineering major who LOVES writing! (plot twist?)
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