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A Movie I’ve Watched Recently: Stardust

I was feeling down the other day and thought what better way to cheer myself up than to watch a movie! I headed to Netflix to peruse their options. In the “popular on Netflix” section, I spotted a movie called Stardust. This movie was made in 2007, but I had never heard of it before. I certainly did not know that I was in for a treat.

The movie is about a boy named Tristan and his “journey to becoming a man” as the intro says. He is in love with a girl named Victoria, but she is in love with another man. During a picnic together, Tristan says he would do anything for her— even find the fallen star. She says that she would marry him instead of the other man if he gets the star to her before her birthday which was only a week away. This is where his journey begins.

Tristan talks to his father about venturing over the wall that separates his town and the magical one just beyond the wall. His father had taken this journey before and that’s how Tristan came to be— he had met a captive woman and had a one night stand with her. This woman returned Tristan to his father once he was born with a note and a gift. The gift was a Babylon candle. The note says to close his eyes and think of his mom. When he does he is transported to the fallen star. While the fallen star is not his mom, it is a young woman. Tristan isn’t the only person after this young woman, there are three witches after her heart to keep them young and a slew of blood thirsty princes are after the necklace she wears around her neck. 

Tristan’s journey involves a cast of characters: a magical star, blood thirsty princes after the crown, witches after the heart of the star, and a lightning catcher who helps him along the way. This is just a taste of what this movie had to offer; it would be impossible to explain the whole movie because there is so much that happens. Stardust is nothing short of adventure; it was a light hearted movie PACKED with chaos. It definitely made me feel better, and now I have a fun recommendation to share with my friends. If you have time to check this movie out, I would definitely recommend it!

Lily Gilmore

Lafayette '24

Sophomore at Lafayette majoring in art :) follow me on insta! @lilyygilmore
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