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6 Ways To Create A Pinterest-Worthy Dorm!

College dorms don’t exactly give off the most “homey” feeling on move-in day before unpacking. In many cases, your room at home was designed by your parents or an interior professional who added their own touches to your space. Now that you’re in college, you have the freedom to vamp up your room to create whatever kind of ambiance you want! If you’ve gotten into a rut of what kind of dorm room you’re trying to achieve, look no further than Pinterest for inspiration! You don’t have to go through the depths of every single dorm room board (it’s truly never-ending) because I’ve done all the work for you. These 6 essentials will get you the perfect Pinterest-ready dorm room in no time:



With removable wallpaper and wall decals, you don’t have to settle for those dull white or cinder block walls! 


Throw pillows are the perfect way to compliment the vibe of your room yet add finishing touches. Whether your style is more playful or minimalist, you can work with the colors of your wall decor and comforter to tie together the whole look. You can even talk to your roommate about adding pops of gold or silver with pillows (or whatever color you choose) to create a cohesive, Pinterest-like aesthetic. Although multiple pillows can be a pain to put away when it’s time for bed, your friends will thank you later when you all decide to cram into your twin-XL bed after a long week of classes.


I have recently become obsessed with Redbubble, and trust me, it’s for good reason. Other than stickers, they have the cutest and trendiest wall prints and Pinterest-worthy posters you could ever imagine. One of my all-time favorite Redbubble creators, Voguemode, is known for creating collages and edits of pop-culture icons, Pinterest quotes, popular Tumblr photos, and designer brands. Wall art allows you to express yourself, show off your passions, and make your dorm room truly feel like a safe space away from home. Plus, it can spark a great conversation if you ever want to find common interests between you and a new friend!



Even if you’re not an avid gardener, plants can become your trouble-free dorm room pet, and you won’t ever have to worry about them ruining your carpet! They will freshen up your space while giving you some practice at adulting and following through with habits. College students are busy, but aloe vera and succulents make for great low-maintenance plants (especially because aloe vera helps heal your skin) in addition to adding natural beauty to your room. Bamboo palms are also known to be one of the best natural air purifiers if you’re considering plants over an essential oil diffuser! And if you don’t have a green thumb, you can easily find fake succulents or flowers at your local home decor store or Target.



As many of us know too well, the lighting in college dorm rooms is not too flattering, especially when sending those Snapchat selfies. Instead of relying on natural lighting and good weather to brighten up your dorm, add your own personal touch! Spice up your space by adding your choice of lighting from color-changing LED strips to fairy lights to lanterns and more. If you’re looking for a bold centerpiece of light on your wall, neon lights are all the rage. With whatever option you pick, the extra light will be sure to warm up the space on those cozy nights in watching Netflix with your hallmates!



Here’s another excuse to procrastinate your homework: scroll through Pinterest to create the most aesthetically pleasing collage wall! Collages can be a great addition to any blank wall in your room and they are incredibly personalizable. Picture collages are so versatile because they can either easily be taped down into any wall design, sorted by polaroids taken throughout the year, or assembled together on a bulletin board. You can pick how large or small you want it, plus you can create your theme, the color palette, pictures of dogs, friends or inspirational quotes, you name it!


Creating a new sense of the word “home” is what living at college is all about. Your dorm room home can be transformed into an oasis for creativity, relaxation, and memories. Welcome people into your space and let your room show off pieces of who you are and what matters to you. Fill it with ridiculous pictures that remind you of funny stories or that canvas your not-so-artistically-inclined best-friend made you before going to college—it doesn’t all have to be picture perfect because *cue sappy cliche* life isn’t perfect. Draw inspiration from Pinterest but in the end, you don’t have to break the bank to make it into the special space you want it to be!

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