The 5 Trendiest Shoes To Wear This Winter!

The coldest time of the year is among us and we’re all in search of shoes that can last us through snowstorms, yet look fashionable at the same time. The first few weeks of classes are an ideal time to online shop for your favorite pairs before being slammed with work, and we’ve got your back. Here are some of the most on-trend boots and sneakers to add to your closet this winter!



Booties are always perfect for a night out, but patent pointed toe booties add extra flair. They go well with jeans, a skirt or a dress. If you’re in need of a shoe to pair with your formal dress and want to avoid heels, these are your go-to's to still look NYC fashion week ready.




Shoutout to the girls that would prefer rocking sneakers over heels any day. Golden Goose is known for these stylish leather sneakers with their signature suede star on the side. If you’re looking for a more affordable version, a similar shoe can be found on SheInside. You can also find a star sneaker look on websites like Madewell and pair them with a matching star necklace for extra outfit coordination!




If you don’t mind sporting a bold and sporty fashion look, chunky sneakers are your trusty shoe for the winter time (be cautious when it’s icey out though). This pair of shoes looks like your dad’s New Balances, but a bit more trendy with extra height for an every-day look. If you’re having a laid back day, these can make even a sweatshirt and joggers outfit look 10x more stylish.



4. PLATFORM BOOTS (especially Chelsea or animal printed boots)

If you want to show off your leopard pride year-round, I highly suggest you get these pair of platform Chelsea boots. Not to mention, animal print clothing and shoes are very in right now, so take advantage. Chelsea boots are a classic style of boot that can dress up or down any outfit. You can find them in either a rubber, leather or suede material depending on the occasion and severity of weather.




If you’ve ever wanted to look like you just stepped out of action or crime movie, buy these moto shoes ASAP! They give you an edgy look and typically have a suitable grip for snowy weather. Plus, wearing these shoes alone will guarantee a boost of confidence as you strut across campus this semester.


We know winter can be a downer, but adding some spunk to your outfit with any of these statement shoes is sure to brighten up the gloomiest of snow days. Whether you’re hitting Easton circle, the city, the Quad or Skillman, you’re sure to feel comfy and chic in any of these pairs! Happy shopping ladies!