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5 Must-Haves for a Comfortable Dorm Room

American colleges are notorious for having small, cramped and uncomfortable dorms. Whether you are sharing your space with roommates or living alone, it is important to have a safe and comfortable place to relax. Here are some ideas of how to make your dorm room feel more like home.

  1. A Rug

Adding a rug serves multiple purposes in a dorm room. A rug allows you to walk around the room barefoot without freezing. More importantly, it dampers the echoing in the cinder block room. Finally, you can get creative with the color and shape of your rug to add some spice to the decor. 

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  1. Plants

Bring a plant into your dorm adds some life to your room. Not only do the leafy friends make your room look prettier, but it also gives you something to take care of other than yourself. This can also help you establish a personal routine outside of your school commitments. 

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  1. Wall Decor

Similar to the rug, wall decor not only looks pretty but it also serves a purpose. Choosing what you hang up on your wall can be a way to share your personality with the people who visit your room.

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  1. A Mirror 

At Lafayette, most rooms do not have full-length mirrors. If knowing what you look like before you leave for class, then bring a mirror. The mirror will also make your room feel bigger!

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5. Soft Light

Whether you prefer LED lights, salt laps, or twinkle lights, lighting is key to making your space feel homier. The overhead fluorescent light is not ideal for relaxing and destressing after a long day.

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We have officially completed almost 3 weeks of school. If your room is not feeling like home yet, then it is time to hit Amazon, Target, or any other online home decor website to order these must-haves asap.

Layla Ennis

Lafayette '23

Campus Correspondent Junior at Lafayette College
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