5 Must-Have Astrology Apps for Enthusiasts and Beginners

Astrology is a pretty big fad at the moment. In my case, I’ve been obsessed ever since I purchased “The Secret Language of Birthdays: Teen Edition” back in 2010. Despite its popularity, you might only know information on your “sign”, aka your sun sign. You might wonder what some of your obsessed friends are talking about when they go on about their “moon,” “rising,” and “venus” signs as well. However, these are legitimate parts of astrology and there are apps that can help you discover how much there is beyond just your sun sign. Now more than ever, new astrology-themed apps are being developed to entertain zodiac enthusiasts. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon, these apps can educate you on what exactly a birth chart is and more:


1. Co-Star

is already pretty popular and definitely a great way to get into astrology. It provides you with a simple layout of your chart, letting you know your signs in all of the planets and what “house” they fall under. They make it easy and describe what exactly each of your signs means about who you are. While your sun sign is your basic identity, there is so much more to your chart (like taking into account your exact birth time and place). A side-note about Co-Star is that they send daily notifications about your day which, while fun, sometimes make you feel personally attacked. Plus, you can even add friends and view each other’s charts on the app.


2. The Pattern

While not as focused on defining your sign, but still taking into account your specific birth time and place, The Pattern, popularized by Channing Tatum, gives its users personalized readings based on their natal charts. It analyzes your current life patterns and how long these cycles last for, as well as your personal “patterns” or current traits that are a large part of what makes you who you are. This app also allows you to connect with friends or even manually enter a friend’s natal charts to see how your patterns compare and contrast, along with compatibility.


3. DailyHoroscope


DailyHoroscope is a simple app for anyone who enjoys checking their sign’s daily horoscope. This app provides users with typical daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for your sun sign.


4. Sanctuary

Another fun and informative app, Sanctuary, has guides on all the basics, a unique daily horoscope, and an overview of your signs in each planet. If you’re super into it, you can even pay for your own personalized readings and guides on more specific concepts like aspects. Their Instagram also has some quality content, so definitely check them out!


5. Time Nomad

I just recently found this app, and in my opinion, it’s probably the most informative one out there. Time Nomad has all the information you’ll ever need from current world astrology patterns to your fully detailed birth chart (including lists to help you read it more easily). There are more specific add-ons available for purchase on the app. Also, you can create unlimited birth charts.


Using these apps, you will be able to explore astrology to any extent you want. Whether you want to deepen your obsession with specific knowledge or just want to understand how you can have more than one sign, these apps will fulfill your needs.