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10 Things I’ve Learned In My First Month At Lafayette

The adjustment from high school to college has definitely been a time full of unique experiences! Here are 11 things I’ve learned so far in my first month here at Laf:

1. Lower has an excellent variety of quesadillas.

Whether you’re craving regular cheese or want to spice things up with bacon chicken ranch or caprese, Lower has 12 diverse options for you. I highly recommend the black bean burger quesadilla with guacamole–pair it with salsa from the salad bar for the perfect vegetarian snack!


2. Laundry takes up about half of your day.

I, embarrassingly, am one of those people who was forced to learn how to do this grueling task once I got to college. In McKeen, the lovely laundry room is in the basement. I live on the third floor. When you’re in a pinch for time trying to get a load done between classes, it is quite frustrating to go down three flights and realize all the dryers are being used! Or... when you forget to bring down the detergent and have to go back up again! Laundry day=leg day!


3. GroupFit classes are awesome.

One day I was exploring the Laf homepage and thought to myself: hey, I’m not doing anything this Friday at 12:15. Let’s try a cycling class. 3 weeks later, I find myself setting an alarm to make sure I never miss out on signing up. I also have been doing Zumba, which I absolutely love! I could have never imagined how much I’d look forward to going to the GroupFit classes to take a break from studying and work up a good sweat.


4. Reuf is.. Well, Reuf is Reuf.

The two closest friends I’ve made here both live all the way in Reuf, so I spend a good amount of my time there. It’s a fun place if you don’t live there, I suppose. My friends definitely don’t love it--it’s hot, the floor plan is confusing, and well… let’s just say someone threw a giant watermelon down the stairwell and left it there, smashed, and my friend said “I hope they don’t clean it up, it finally smells good here.” Enough said. 


5. Wawa is very important.

Whether it’s brain food before a long night of studying or you’re starving after a long night out, you better know how to get to Wawa. It’s also the closest thing to a supermarket around here. I highly recommend a cookies and cream milkshake and mac and cheese.


6. The stairs down to Easton are the WOAT.

This one doesn’t require an explanation. If you know, you know.

7. Going to the Quad is always a good idea.

Ah, the Quad. Heart of campus. Where dogs run around, concerts are held, very intense games of Frisbee and spikeball are played, and if you’re lucky.. Where you’ll see people riding a mechanical bull, or a man holding a parrot?


8. Sometimes you will get an email that you’ve received a package. As soon as you get back to your dorm after bringing up six other packages. 

I have the kind of mom who’s answer to absolutely everything is “I’ll Amazon it!” which is fantastic, unless you get to the post and realize it’s a weekend and you have to wait until Monday until it opens back up.

9. Pard dollars run out quickly. 

Being able to swipe your ID card to get an ice cream sandwich when you left your wallet in your dorm is super convenient--almost too convenient. Last time I checked, my balance was $27.35. My friend Elina has $7. My other friend Michelle comes in last at $0.00.


10. College pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Being here for just a month has already caused me to grow into a new person. Whether it’s doing my own laundry, consistently going to the gym, or going to the doctor alone, I feel very proud of my new independence. Sure, harvesting food for the first time at LaFarm and swing dancing with a sophomore boy aren’t the most comfortable situations to get into, but I have been learning so much and am excited for what’s to come! 


known to be caught eating quesadillas twice a day and having ice cream sandwich cravings :)
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