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Wine about it w/Karla: Let’s talk about Orgasms…the BIG O.

Welcome to another segment of Wine about it w/Karla! Today we’re going to talk about sex…. orgasms in particular. Let’s talk about the BIG O. I wanted to bring this up because in class last week we were just talking about this. There was a question brought up during lecture: “How do you know when sex is over?” and everyone immediately began to shout “WHEN THE GUY IS DONE!” Sooo me being the curious person that I am, I decided to put a poll on my Instagram and Snapchat and ask whether anyone has faked in bed before. ONLY four guys said no they don’t fake it in bed whereas about 40 women said yes and about 25 men also said yes. So with that being said, women reported faking it more than men. Also on my Snapchat, I decided to ask women about their experiences whether they have orgasms or not, how long does it take, and if they ever had partners not care about their satisfaction. The women on my snap who reported they do have orgasms have a current partner whereas the ones who reported not having any were just casually dating. So why aren’t women who don’t have a significant other in their life not having any, or more importantly, why isn’t it happening more often than usual?

Using an online source of Woman’s Day, the article discussed how in a recent study, 80% of women reported of faking an orgasm one way or another. Then I looked up the average minutes of men and women reaching up to that point, and men take anywhere up to 5 minutes (could be more or less) whereas women can take up to 20 minutes. 



There are many factors that come into play with your partner, booty call, or whomever. The number one rule I think after doing my research is telling them (WOW I need to take my own advice). How do we expect to finish if we’re just faking it the whole time and not telling them it doesn’t feel okay? Letting the other person know what feels good, what doesn’t, preferences, and spicing things up can definitely be even more comfortable for you. I know from asking and personal experience, it’s a little tougher for women to reach that point from actual penetration. Foreplay and self exploration can definitely help out. Honesty, mindset, and confidence I’ve read are important factors in reaching “The big O.” I know for a fact mindset is something extremely important. To be honest, this is something I struggle with. I remember one time I was in the middle of ya know…… and I’m laying there, taking it, while I’m thinking about where I’m going to eat after this….cringe. 


With that being said, sex is something two people should both enjoy, not only one sided. So go out there and enjoy your sex life! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to follow me on Instagram: @its.karla.navarro 


Karla Navarro

La Verne '19

Hmm a little bit about me? 22 year old senior at the University of La Verne. Psychology major, aspiring MFT.
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