We Tried It: Denver, Colorado

From city life to delicious eateries, Denver, Colorado was the eye-opening experience I needed to emerge out of my LA bubble. With its temperate climate, this Mile High City offers recreational activities, metros, and Victorian century homes. Denver being one of the most successful business economies in the country, it strayed my perspective out of living in LA after graduation. 

From luxe city escapes to downtown sightseeing, you can live the LA dream without the traffic, surplus of people, and congested streets. Spending nearly three days in the city of Denver, the urban culture has got be deeply infatuated. 

I was so happy to have had this experience to travel with my fellow friends from my business fraternity and explore the city together. Home to its amazing architecture, the Union Station was easily one of my favorite methods to travel. Other than having conversations using Lyft, Union Station embodied my metro-loving self to fall more in love with public transporation. It was nice to take a break from driving in the rucus of Los Angeles. 

Since I'm on the topic of my friends, the whole reason for this weekend trip was to attend my fraternity's LEAD Conference. LEAD, an acronym for leadership, education, action, and development conference, I also had the opportunity to learn and engage in a diverse group of students from all over the United States. Through meeting new friends and sharing new laughs, I had the chance to have fun while learning in behalf of my fraternity. 

It's easy to forget the most acoustically perfect amphitheaer in America which is the city life of Denver. Beyond the eateries, Downtown Denver fostered the day and night life attractions with city lights, glowing street signs and endless photo opportunities. Much like a tourist, I couldn't put my camera away in the mist of exploring the city. 


My home away form home, Denver has been named everything from the foodiest small town to the most exciting city in my book. Close enough to be an ideal day trip, Denver withholds one of the most worthwhile experiences in my lifetime.