We Tried It: Carolyn's Cafe in Redlands

If you live in Redlands, CA you probably already know about this amazing brunch spot, Carolyn's Cafe.

Today, we visited our best friend (and former HCLV writer) Maddie! She moved back home to Redlands, and we haven't seen her in months. It just so happened that we were both free this morning, and we went to go have brunch with her! Because Maddie is a local, she brought us to her favorite breakfast place.

Carolyn's Cafe's reputation definitely held up its own. When we arrived, there was a large group of people waiting outside. The host told us it would be a 35-minute wait, and we took advantage of that wait time to catch up with each other.

When we finally got seated, the menu was insanely impossible to choose from! Everything looked so delicious. 

Here's our feedback on what we ate there:

Jeanette - Tuna Melt with Fries

The other day when I went to Barb's on campus, I had ordered a tuna melt only find out they had no tuna melt! I was pretty upset, and I couldn’t stop craving a tuna melt for the past two days. This place in Redlands had an amazing tuna melt. At first I was very cautious on how it was going to taste, but as soon as I took a bite my taste buds were in a state of ecstasy! It was a very large portion, so I barely even ate half of the sandwich and kept the rest for later. Partnered up with the melt were these amazing fries!!! They tasted like the curly fries at Jack in the Box, but better. They were more crispy and did not feel oily when you ate it. I’m not sure how they got this to happen, but I loved it! Even the tuna melt did not feel greasy. The coffee cake was also amazing! I only got it after I took a bite from my friend’s plate, and I had to get my own! The portions were so large that they fill up you super fast, but super good. My friends' plates were amazing as well. I actually wanted some of their eggs which is a big deal because I do NOT like eggs!!!


Mulan - California Scramble 

I absolutely love California-style anything, especially when avocados are involved. This scramble had ham, Monterrey jack cheese and avocado with salsa and hash browns. I enjoyed the scramble, but not so much of the potatoes. The consistency of the scramble was a little goopy and messy, but that's because of the cheese melted into all the other ingredients. The hash browns weren't what I expected, as hash browns are usually shredded and fried. I love the flavor, however, I only like the crispy outside parts.


What we all love: THE COFFEE CAKE

First of all, this cake is HUGE. The serving size was bigger than what we expected it to, and it was the first thing we were served (a very wise decision made by the restaurant)! Another thing: it was STEAMING HOT and the whipped butter they placed on top (though it might cause cholesterol overload) was melting in front of your eyes. The cake was so fluffy and the cinnamon-sugar topping was not as sweet as I thought it would be, which was a perfect blend with the butter.


We came to Redlands to visit Maddie, and we had a lovely surprise by having brunch at this wonderful place! You should definitely try it out whenever you're in Redlands!