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To Vote or not to Vote? That is the question.

The Presidential vote is almost here and many have been contemplating on who they are going to vote for or even if they should vote at all? I am currently going through the same struggle. 

Everyday I get told to vote; whether it's from social media, television, my family, or my classmates. I drives me crazy the fact that I feel like im chooseing between two people that I just don't agree with. It's like asking me who I hate less? So I tried to find ways to vote around the two main canidates, it was then that I was introduced to the fact that I can vote for a third party offical or even write in a vote! I was extatic that there was a third option, I was so amazed that I decided to share this information on Twitter so that others who didn't know this information as well, could just be as extatic as I was. It only took a few minutes for a person to call me a Trump supporter because "all third party votes don't count toward the main parties votes and that gives a higher chance for Trump". Lets just say that some people were deleted.

 Let me just be clear: I am not supporting ANYONE, at the moment. 

So there I was back at the beginning, not knowing what to do. So out of a last attept of trying to be a good U.S citizen: I made a  pro/con list.

Top 5 Pros to why I should vote:

1. It is the responsiblity for a U.S. citizen to vote on a President.

2. If I don't vote, my opinion isn't heard.

3. Vote for those who can't

4. I can attempt to make a difference in my government (isn't that the whole reason we vote anyways)

5. Because those who came before us fought and died for our right to vote and it would be an insult to them not to take advantage of it.

Top 5 Cons to why I shouldn't vote:

1. I dont agree with either major parties

2. If I vote and my person wins, I don't want to take blame if they screw up in the office.

3. I don't feel like my vote would even count.

4. I don't know who is trustworthy or not

5. Like many U.Scitizens, I contain apathy towards the election. 

In the end, someone will win and someone will lose. Will you be the one to choose? 



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