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Useful Back to School Essentials For $3 and Under

I know for many college students back to school is a stressful time and expenses that are required in the beginning can leave our pockets low on cash. Brandless.com is the perfect place to find affordable school supplies as well as snacks and things for your dorm.

For 3 dollars, you can buy a variety color pack of eight fine line pens that have 0.4mm point.  Walmart retails a similar pack for nine dollars and thirty-two cents. Think about the savings that gives you money for pens and starbs run. I would highly recommend the pencil sharpener, eraser, and pouch set to start “filling in the blanks of your creativity.” I would follow up with purchasing the No. 2 pencils FSC (little r circle thingy needs to go here) Certified wood pencils that have a 24 count. They offer a Desk Essentials Bundle that obtains six items for eighteen dollars.

Useful beauty and personal care products I came across included the Women’s health bundle. For fifteen dollars you will receive the following vitamins Multivitamin: An essential mix of vitamins, nutrients, and energizing herbs, Digestive & Immune Biotic: packed with digestion-promoting probiotics and herbs, Omega-3 Fish Oil: powerful fatty acids thought to lower the risk of coronary disease, improve cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart attack, Melatonin: helps support better and deeper sleep, Calm & Focus Support: a calming herbal mixture boost concentration and improve mental focus. It is important for us to stay healthy and happy because the happiest girls are the prettiest.

After a stressful day of classes I know we all like to treat ourselves, Brandless offers a at home spa set so you can “treat yourself to the soothing scent of our grapefruit facial cleanser, scrub and, more. 

We college students ae always on the go, Brandless has us covered with a beauty tools essential bundle. It includes are the basic tools for your make up on the go. For thirteen dollars and fifty cents you can get an eyelash curler, precision slant tweezer, dual sharpener, organic cotton swabs, and tree free travel facial tissues – 3 pack.

Who doesn’t have a sweetooth? The twelve-dollar candy bundle will surely keep our bellies satisfied. Enjoy gummy fish, gummy lemonade rings, sour gummy worms, and gummy fruit wedges. “Chew on Brandless Gummy Snacks for Non GMO goodness.”

Brandless is a great way to save money on everyday essentials and has something for everyone!

Chloe Flores

La Verne '19

Chloe is a senior PR major!
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