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University Of La Verne Graduation Holding The School’s Prestige

Many undergraduate students look forward to the day they will be walking to receive their diploma. When students think of walking, it can be very nerve wracking and exciting once they finally receive that diploma they have been working for for years to. At the University of La Verne, students look forward to this, as do other students from other schools, from the very second they begin their college journey. University of La Verne is very prestige, helpful, and expensive. Sometimes it is very difficult for students to afford to go to this campus, but these students do not care about the sacrifice they have to make because the school is worth it.

Now, the tuition at La Verne is approximately $43,050. This is a pretty penny, but the school’s resources are worth it. If a student is paying this much for the whole year I will assume their graduation will be very nice because of the tuition, but as well as the prestige. Especially because of the gret reputation that is followed by University of La Verne, one can assume the graduation they hold for their students will be just as impressive. This Spring 2019, the graduation will be located at the Ortmayer Stadium. This may sound nice, but below is the location this is actually at. Not many graduating students approve of or are content with this change in commencement settings. This is because about 3 years ago graduation was held at the Citizens Bank Arena. Look at the pictures below and you compare them for yourself.

Citizens Bank Arena:

Ortmayer Stadium:

This year, it will be located outside while 3 years ago it was indoors. Now think about walking down towards your diploma and starting to feel the heat outside or even sitting in this heat with many students. You are waiting for your name to be called and waiting for your fellow comrades to be called as well. No matter how little students are graduating this ceremony will take a while at least more than an hour depending how many students are graduating or how long the speeches are. Graduating senior Averie Ortiz has her own opinion on the location of graduation

(pictured: Averie Ortiz)

“Personally, I feel since our tuition increases each year you would think our commencement would be a nice place. The football field isn’t where our college graduation should be, don’t you think it’s more important than us using a field the school doesn’t really have to pay to use? I want my family to be able to enjoy their time, not be cooking in the sun waiting for it to be over.” She believe she will be waiting for a long time in the heat while her family is waiting to see the biggest day of her life. She is not the only one who feels like this. Many of the graduating students feel like this but are to nervous or upset to voice their concerns unlike Averie Ortiz.

Other graduating students, like Mulan Novilla, believe “it’s more traditional having it in the field, but it’s also limiting the number of guests that can come.” She sees it being traditional, but now she has to limit the amount of family that can come. 

Okay now, let’s say it’s not a hot day, but a rainy day. This will literally and figurtively rain on these students’ important day. Being indoors, they do not have to worry about slipping or getting wet while walking, but having it outdoors causes all these worries to arise. And what about the amount of family members you can bring? What if you have a huge family it will be difficult, but if you have a small family then it’s something that isn’t a concern. Having it on campus does reduce the intensity of finding a place as the guests who are going and even the students. But how will one see the prestige of the college?

Universities show off their prestige especially with their graduations. Or, is it through the diploma instead of the things being offered? So, what does this graduation say about the prestige of this campus? I will let you and the school be the judge of that.

I am an English major at the University of La Verne. I want to learn about the world and share to other about the world as well. I know what I want in life and strive to make my dreams come true.
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