ULV's Alpha Chi Takes Portland!

Each year, Alpha Chi Honors Society holds a weekend long conference where school chapters can send members to present on topics of their choice.

This year, the University of La Verne graciously sent two other students and myself to Portland, Oregon, where we were able to meet other Alpha Chi members, present at the conference, and explore the city! 



It was honestly an incredible experience seeing how much work was put into the conference and how dedicated students are to their special topics.

I decided to present on my experimental psychology study, yet, there was honestly a session for every major/topic to be presented on. 

For instance, in the graphic design section, I saw a student’s incredible makeup subscription box idea where her team created and produced a fully functioning makeup stand out of recycled materials. This box also held the three products you receive in the subscription and while she was explaining her project, you could tell how much pride she had in her work. 

They also had info and networking sessions, but the conference was really good about giving participants free time to go and explore the city! (I highly recommend Blue Star Donuts, Powell's Bookstore, and Portland City Grill!) 



There were incredible speeches, incredible meals and an overall great experience to present on something you have worked so hard on throughout your undergraduate career! 


So if you ever happen to get the chance to travel to a conference through the school, TAKE IT! You never know when you’ll get a free trip AND a place to practice your public speaking skills!