ULV Golf Pro: Alec Spencer

Golf may not be our favorite sport, but this future golf pro sure is! Check out Leopard golf captain Alec Spencer.


Year: Junior


Age: 21


Major: Business Administration


Relationship Status: Single


Campus Activities (Things your involved in on campus): Resident Assistant for Oaks D Top, Men’s Golf Team Captain


Hobbies: Basketball, Bowling, J. Cole’s music


Three words that describe you: Responsible, Focused, Calm


Favorite color: Gray and Red


What is your favorite pick up line? I’ve never used one.


Describe your perfect girl: Fun, Smart, Positive, Family Oriented


Favorite sports: Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Football


Favorite sports teams: San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Lakers, Oakland Raiders


Most embarrassing moment: So many to choose from, but I had my shorts slide off in the middle of a basketball game before.   So many people were there too.


Favorite quote: “To each their own.”


Celebrity crush and why: Carrie Underwood. She had me at that first American Idol audition.